Moment “£750K supercar” crashes in student car park – next to motorsport engineering centre


DRAMATIC video shows a driver lose control of a powerful car and crash in the grounds of a further education college.

The vehicle – said by one viewer to be a Keating Berus supercar worth £750,000 – appears to go out of control as the driver takes off.

The car crashes into an obstacle with a loud bang and gasps from onlookers.

The incident happened at the back of the University of Bolton’s National Centre for Motorsport Engineering , Lancashire, yesterday morning next to a student car park.

The Keating Berus, with a top speed of 230mph, is designed, engineered and built in Bolton, and the founders of the company have close links with Bolton University.

The building seen in the video is the National Centre for Motorsport Engineering (NCME) , which is part of the same university, and houses a collection of supercars.

In the clip, filmed by Nathan Bancroft, the car is stationary and facing the NCME building. Shouts can be heard from people who seem to have stopped to watch.

On the lower half of the camera shot, there is the caption: “What the f***?”

The car revs up, and drives up past a student car park sign on the right.

The car swerved left moments before the crash.

It then turns left up the hill and goes behind the view of the view a yellow skip where it crashes into an obstacle.

The person filming reacts with a gasp, and there are laughs in the distance as the smoke can be seen beginning to bellow from the car.

There is a build up chatter and commotion from the people watching off camera, with the person filming, saying: “I just got that on camera.”

The next shot switches to the wreck of the car, lying on a verge as it is attended to by various people.

A group of people surveyed the damage afterwards.

Below is the caption: “That ain’t good.”

The driver involved was not believed to be a student, and was taken to hospital by ambulance as a precaution after suffering minor injuries.

The university said: “On February 5 at approximately 10am there was a road traffic accident on private land to the rear of the National Centre of Motorsport Engineering at the University of Bolton.

“We are happy to report that the driver sustained minor injuries and has been taken to hospital to be checked over.

“The accident happened during a routine road test on a private road and no other vehicles or members of the public were involved.”