Moment brass-necked hospital parking warden litters as he slaps £75 ticket on car


A BRASS-necked traffic warden has been caught on camera breaking the law by dropping litter at the same time he slaps a ticket on a car.

The litter lout is clearly seen casually discarding the peel-off strip from the ticket he is about to put on a vehicle parked at Leeds General Infirmary.

The hospital visitor who filmed the clip on Thursday claims to have witnessed the same warden littering in exactly the same way 20 times over two days.

The footage has caused outrage online with many viewers calling for the parking warden to be tracked down and fined.

Joel Barnes regularly parks at the hospital, making the 120 mile round trip from his home in Hull every three months so that his daughter can get treatment for cystic fibrosis.

The 33-year-old filmed out of an upper window at the hospital as the warden prepared to ticket a motorist.

He posted the evidence to a Facebook group, writing: “Leeds General Infirmary issues parking ticket and litters.”

The parking ticket is though to be for £90 but the warden could face a fine of £100 for littering, rising to £2500 if he failed to pay and ended up in court.

Online, Steve Bog responded: “Sack him.”

Rambo To added: “Wow t****r.”

Facebook users were calling for the warden to be sacked.

Brenda Weare wrote: “Get him fined.”

Marian Boyle said: “Now the a* is on CCTV can he be fined for throwing litter in the street?”

Debbie Simon Bowman added: “Get that parking attendant pulled straight in and done for littering! And the car owner’s fine quashed.”

Amy Mollett wrote: “Quick enough to hand fines out! Hope he gets one.”

James Brown requests: “A littering fine for this man please.”

Joel today said that it was his daughter who spotted the warden.

Joel said: “Jasmin said, ‘Look dad that’s disgusting’. She was so upset.”

Joel feels the littering warden needs to think about his actions.

Joel reguarly parks at the hospital, making a 120 mile round trip from Hull.

Joel added: “I would like the person who was littering to think about the environment in the future and think more about his actions.”

The joiner contacted Leeds City Council in a private message.

They responded: “We’ve looked into it and can confirm that the warden in the video is not an officer of Leeds City Council.

“We’ve alerted the hospital of the video as it appears to be one of their own enforcement officers.”

Leeds General Infirmary today said they intend to reminded staff of how to dispose of litter appropriately.

A spokeswoman for Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust said: “We expect all staff to dispose of litter appropriately and we will be issuing a reminder about this.”

Joel is currently working on his own business creating furniture of which most of the profits are donated to charity to raise awareness for cystic fibrosis. A link to his page can be here: