Clip shows mystery of trees and hedges “decorated” with socks, shirts, jumpers – and frilly knickers


BAFFLING video shows the moment litter pickers come across trees and hedges festooned with hundreds of items of clothing – including frilly knickers.

The weird find has prompted online speculation about the cause, with revenge by a cheated-on partner the favourite theory.

The clip was filmed by Iren Worth as she took part in a litter collection in Gleadless Valley, Sheffield, South Yorks.

Items of all colours can be seen stuck on branches and in bushes as the clip begins.

Smaller items such as socks and what appears to be a towel are lodged high up in a nearby tree.

As Iren moves along the path, other clothing scattered amongst the woods includes a pair of pink pants which are hanging loosely from a branch overhead.

More generic items such as jumpers and shirts can be seen draped over a hedge as the clip scans across the path to the opposite side.

Iren posted the clip to her local area’s Facebook group, as well as the Sheffield Litter Pickers page with the caption: “I thought the expression was ‘DON’T air your dirty laundry in public’.

It is a mystery how the clothes ended up in the trees

“Filmed in my beloved Gleadless Valley today. We’re picking in the area on Tuesday so if anyone wants a few bits for their wardrobe (and a few pairs of frilly knickers) head on down!”

Social media users were quick to question why a full wardrobe had ended up splashed amongst the trees.

Wendy Birks said: “Weird. Perhaps someone has fallen out with their partner big time? Its the sort of thing you think about doing when someone has been unfaithful to you. But I never actually did!”

Sue Munt suggested: “Someone could have chucked out their partner and dumped their clothes outside?”

Included in the strange sighting was a pair of frilly knickers

Annette Castell said: “Think this maybe the result of a very large row between partners!”

Glenda Meeson had another theory: “Wind power from a washing line maybe?”

Umm Iman wrote: “The missing case of the flying undies… How strange!”

Shelly Davis joked: “Someone obviously misheard litter pickers and thought you were knicker pickers lol.”

Social media wondered if a couple had fallen out and this was the result

And Sandra Cuthbertson Hughes wrote “I hope they are clean,” adding a bikini emoji.

Iren herself had a more prosaic theory.

She wrote: “We presume someone (kids perhaps) ripped open some bags of dumped clothing and some fun decorating the tree – quite a few pairs of frilly knickers in there!”

Replying to another user she joked: “If he wants his smart blue shirt back, hope he’s good at tree climbing – it’s about 20 feet up!”