“If sadness had a flavour” Foodie’s lettuce toast snap prompts savage trolling on social media site


A FOODIE has suffered a savage trolling after sharing a picture of his “healthy snack” – sliced lettuce on toast.

The picture was uploaded to the Rate My Plate Facebook group with the capation: “LTB – Lettuce Toast Buttie by Shaun W.”

The snap shows a inch-thick pile of very neatly chopped lettuce between two thin slices of lightly-toasted bread, finished off with a hint of spread of some description.

Hilariously, the creator has managed to include a stainless steel kettle in the snap in which his reflection can be seen.

Shaun W snapped his healthy snack without removing his reflection from the kettle

The offering, uploaded on Wednesday, has received around 6,000 comments, almost all of which are negative and many of which are savage.

James Barrington commented: “Is this a representation of your personality.. you f dry lunch!”

Claire Finney wrote: “Even my rabbit wouldn’t touch that monstrosity ffs.”

John Rogerson said: “In comparison to this, Brexit is a great idea.”

Social media users were quick to express their feelings

Tom J Allison expressed his pain looking at the picture by saying: “If sadness was a flavour.”

Tom Ryan said: “Lettuce pray we never have to eat that s***.”

Shaun also endured blistering attacks on his unfortunate reflection being spotted in the kettle.

John Jenkins said: “Why does the man in the kettle only have three fingers on each hand? Wolverine right there!”

Rate My Plate is a notorious Facebook group for roasting images

Carl Edwards commented: “Don’t know about the plate but there’s a creepy virgin living in your kettle.”

Mike White wrote: “I can see your reflection through that kettle you wet quilt! You may as well just fill that plate up with grass you reprobate.”

Tom Crook asked: “What the f**k is Louis Theroux doing in your kettle?”

Rate My Plate has over 950,000 followers on Facebook and 6000 on Twitter.

A celebrity lookalike was even spotted in the reflection

It is well-known for the roasting of its users. Another innocent victim of the onslaught is Carol C, who was ribbed following her image of a Full English this week.

Showing unappetising fried eggs and unhealthy looking streaks of bacon, Carol only set herself up for a downfall with one user saying: “How have you cooked that bacon? On a radiator? Carol a good vet would have that pig back on its feet.”