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NewsIt's a dead res close to good ghouls - Mansion used for...

It’s a dead res close to good ghouls – Mansion used for over 1,000 seances on sale for £850k

A MANSION used by spiritualists to communicate with the dead has been put on sale for £850,000.

Kingswells House, Aberdeen, which dates from the 17th Century, has hosted well over 1,000 seances over the past 15 years.

And while the owners claim to have communed with numerous departed souls since 2004, they are now hoping to summon living, breathing house buyers.

Owners the Summerland Trust say the Grade B-listed property is now too big to handle for their current staff and they are looking to move to more suitable premises.

It's a dead res close to good ghouls - Mansion used for over 1,000 seances on sale for £850k
The house is on sale for offers over £845,000

The heart of the property is a large room used for seances which has 20 chairs arranged in a circle.

In the middle of the room is an altar-like object which appears to have a large crystal at its centre, surrounded by circular objects of different colours..

The five bedroom, three bathroom pile also features spiritualist images and decorations in several of the rooms, some of which are used to train mediums.

Kingswells House was gifted to the trust on the death of previous owner, Clark Findlay, who took a keen interest in spiritualism.

It's a dead res close to good ghouls - Mansion used for over 1,000 seances on sale for £850k
The property also included various training rooms

Video on the trust’s Facebook page shows Manager Eileen Davis giving a ‘demonstration’ where she appears to be talking to a loved one in the ‘spirit world’.

The last-ever seance at Kingswells is due to take place on February 16 with Scott Milligan, who is described as “a very popular regular” at the property. Scott is also described as having an “abundance of enthusiasm and love for the Spirit world”.

The trust themselves say of the event: “The presence of spirit cannot be denied with this form of mediumship and so you are guarantee to build confidence in your connection with the spirit world making you a strong and clear worker for spirit.”

Asked how many seances had taken place at the property, Summerland Trustee, Muriel Cheyne, said they had “easily held over a thousand”.

Muriel, 85, added: “The idea was to spread spiritualism and spread it as a brotherhood, so that every one would have equal points to learning.

“I know a lot of people don’t believe there is life after death, my own son is an atheist and doesn’t believe in any of this.

It's a dead res close to good ghouls - Mansion used for over 1,000 seances on sale for £850k
Over a thousand seance events are said to have taken place

“He couldn’t understand that I could communicate with the dead.”

Eileen Davis, the property manager, wrote on Facebook: “Sadly Kingswells House will be no longer holding events due to the fact it is now up for sale, but I wish all those people who have attended courses and events over the last 15 years a heartfelt thank you for keeping the doors open as long as we have.

“May each person who has been part of our Kingswells family throughout the years, who has been touched by the magic and wonder of the spirit, now play their own part in spreading the truth that life is eternal to help facilitate greater growth and realisation that we are all one.

“It’s not the end of Summerland Trust but the beginning of a new phase, of greater growth where we will continue to meet together in the fellowship of the spirit”

Sellers Aberdein (corr) Considine describe the property as: “A rare opportunity to acquire a truly unique property.”

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