Thursday, June 30, 2022
NewsApprentice posts hilarious pic of really annoying workplace prank - padlocked glasses

Apprentice posts hilarious pic of really annoying workplace prank – padlocked glasses

AN apprentice has posted a hilarious picture of the workplace prank he suffered when pals padlocked his glasses.

Ciaran Gordon, from Dalry, Ayrshire uploaded a picture of himself wearing the specs which had been tampered with.

A lock was put on the bridge of the glasses, covering part of his nose which clearly appears to have annoyed him.

Ciaran posted the image to Twitter with the caption: “Apprentice wages aren’t worth it.”

The apprentice shared the hilarious prank online of the padlock prank

His post received more than 23,000 likes and has been retweeted 3,500 times.

There was also hundreds of comments where people seemed to have loved the prank.

Whilst uploading a picture of someone with a padlock through their earring, Paul Whalen said: “Apprentices are the best!”

Ben Coull wrote: “Hahaha.”

Twitter users responded to the post in amusement

Tommy Mcgall commented: “Jesus Christ man that’s f Satan behaviour.”

Jack Shanny said: “The life of an appo terrorised for eight hours.”

@matt_mgd commented: “Oh no not that padlock on the glasses.”

Tagging his friend, James Moore said: “Can’t wait to do this to you, ye wee specky mongrel.”

The original post by Ciaran was uploaded on Twitter

This is not the first time someone has fallen victim to a padlock prank.

In 2016, a man was left angry and confused after someone snuck up behind him and placed a padlock through his stretched earring.

Tom Grim Fandango Matthews, who is thought to be from the UK, said he only realised the prank had been committed once the lock had clicked.

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