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NewsPictures capture moment pair of stags take swim in near-freezing Scottish loch

Pictures capture moment pair of stags take swim in near-freezing Scottish loch

PICTURES show a hardy pair of stags brave January temperatures in the Scottish highlands to swim across a loch.

The stags plunged in to Loch Stack, Sutherland, for a 300-metre swim across the narrowest point of the crescent-shaped body of water.

The bracing swim saved the pair a 4km trek around the shore to get to the same point.

Chris Hoskins, 35, from South Queensferry, Edinburgh captured the rather spectacle on January 25 as the temperature hovered just above freezing.

Stunning images captured the moment the stags entered the water

His images start with a single stag looking into the camera before it walks into the water.

Another stag then joins the one already in the water and begins to follow him as they swim over to the other side.

He uploaded the images to his photography page on Facebook last Wednesday, with the caption: “Something a wee bit different today. When I was in the far north of Scotland recently, I spent a great morning around Loch Stack.

“This was one of the more surprising parts of that morning, when a pair of stags decided to go for a wee swim across Loch Stack. First time I’ve seen them swimming.”

The stags braved the temperatures to swim across the loch

Speaking today, (Mon) Chris Said: “ It was complete luck. It was my first time in the area, so I pulled into the layby and took the pictures of the stags and then they started swimming.”

Fraser Mackay wrote under the pictures he shared writing: “Unique photo in a very special area of Scotland – Sutherland. Well done in capturing and sharing.”

Margaret Douglas added: “Wow, absolutely beautiful.”

Cristie Crawford commented: “Wow. Very beautiful- and special.”

Chris said his capture was “complete luck”.

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