Furious resident takes revenge on dog mess neighbour by posting poo through letter box


A FED-up resident has posted video of himself putting a bag full of dog mess through the letterbox of the pooch’s owner.

Mike Haddon decided to take extreme measures after the neighbour repeatedly failed to pick up after his dog.

So he collected four piles of the dog’s poo from the communal green space near his home in Southampton and returned it to the dog’s owner.

Mike, 35, said he acted because the council had sent warning letters to all local residents about dog mess and he feared his own pet could be taken away.

Mike, the proud owner of a French Mastiff called Lola, points his camera at a pile of mess and says: “Right this is the f***ing animal that we currently have to f***ing share with the block of flats that we live in.”

The highway maintenance worker mutters: “Dirty b, I’m doing him a favour.

Mike methodically moves from pile to pile bagging the excrement before ranting: “This guy is a f***ing savage, he’s a f***ing little lazy c*** and I’ve had enough of it.”

Walking up a set of steps to the home of the offending dog, he explains: “I don’t know how many times people need to be told, ‘If you don’t pick your dog s*** up I’ll f***ing put it through your letter box’.”

Mike then puts each bag through the letter box.

Mike then turns the camera on himself as he descends the stairs and says: “So lesson learnt – pick your dog s*** up, or it goes through your f***ing letter box.”

Online, Adrian Wheeler said: “Well done Mikey.”

Mike, himself is the proud owner of a French Mastiff called Lola.

Graham Jacobs added: “F legend that’s just made my day.”

Nicholas Heffernan wrote: “You are a legend. I get your frustration as some d*** lets his dog s*** outside my drive gates.”

Matthew Cameron said: “Aha at least you had the decency to bag it first before putting through said letterbox aha.”

Mike today said that he did it because he was concerned about the possibility of losing his dog because of the continuous fouling.

Mike said: “It’s been going on for while with a particular neighbour of mine. My fear is the council might ask folk to give up their animals if this continues. It’s not fair, genuine people, good dog owners could lose their dogs. If you’ve got a dog you’ve got to be responsible for it.”

Mike carried out the drastic action after the council sent letters to the local residents about the dog mess.

He added: “What I done was justified. It doesn’t make me feel good but if I get my dog taken away through that man’s actions I’ll be devastated.”

Mike received a letter from his local council the day after he posted his video which said: “Having conducted a visit to the block recently I noticed that there was dog excrement, some in bags which has not been picked up and disposed of in the correct manner.

“Please may I remind those of you who own a dog, that they should be kept on a lead at all times and should not be allowed to use any of the communal grassed areas around the blocks, especially as their own private toilet area.

“Failure to comply to this request will take tenancy breach actions with those individuals who are not taking full responsibility of their pet and the outcome would result in you being asked to remove the dog from the premises.”