“Smack rat” crook breaks in and ransacks car – oblivious to camera a few inches from his face


DRAMATIC video shows a thief break into and ransack a car – totally unaware that he is being filmed from a few inches away.

The dashcam in Gavin Rowland’s vehicle films the interior of his vehicle and is motion-triggered.

So when a crook smashed his way in on Tuesday night, Gavin got very close-up film of the culprit’s every move – which he posted online.

His motor was parked in Liverpool city centre when the hapless criminal decided to break in.

Gavin posted the video a few hours later with the caption: “This is the guy who broke into my car last night on School Lane/Hanover Street Liverpool One.”

The video shows the interior as the camera starts recording after its sensors were activated.

Suddenly a man breaks the driver’s window shattering the glass before putting his shoulder into the debris and again access into the car.

The crook was filmed after sensors were activated in the camera

The car alarm is activated but this does not phase the burglar who immediately dives into the driver’s door compartment with both hands and steals a phone.

The seasoned crooked then opens the middle stowage compartment between the two front seats and spots a lighter which he puts in his mouth.

He continues to rake through the stowage before glancing up towards the car windscreen seemingly oblivious to the CCTV camera filming.

He put his shoulder into the debris to gain entry

The criminal backs out of the car just a little and drops his hat on the car seat. He grabs a few more items before putting them into his hat and making his escape. The video is repeated in slow motion.

Stan Kaye responded online: “Rat mate, but great picture of him. We all should have one of them fitted in cars.”

James Simpson wrote: “Smack rat.”

He stole a phone, some pennies and a lighter

Gavin said he captured the crook on an N2 Pro which he bought on eBay for £150.

He said: “It has full HD inside and out. When the car is off I have it set up so it only records if there’s sound or motion.”