Elderly woman handing out food to homeless on bitterly cold night praised as “absolute legend”


HEART-warming footage captures the moment an “absolute legend” elderly lady gave out hot chocolate and sandwiches to the homeless in bitterly cold conditions.

The clip shows “Diana”, 72, giving hot drinks to two very grateful people in Southsea, Portsmouth, who are seen sitting on the pavement.

Charlie Franks saw what she was doing on Wednesday night in the three degree temperatures and decided to film her kindness and share it on Facebook.

The video has since gone viral with over 160,000 views with Facebook users loving the gesture.

The clip shows Diana, wearing a blue jacket and reaching into a trolley bag.

She is then seen taking out the plastic cups and giving them to the people sitting on Albert Road.

Elderly woman handing out food to homeless on bitterly cold night praised as "absolute legend"
Diana giving out hot drinks in partnership with St Swithuns Church.

They both can be seen looking up to her, appearing to say thank you for the kind offering.

After giving them the hot drink, she appears to be sticking around and making conversation, not caring for how cold the weather must have been.

Charlie uploaded the clip calling her the “pompey soup lady.”

His post said: “This absolute legend of a lady, deserves all the shares that she gets on social media, I just filmed this in Albert road “Southsea.”

“By the looks of it she makes a load of soup and goes out to hand it to the homeless! My faith in humanity is restored, let’s make her famous! #pompeysouplady.”

She has been branded a “legend”

Diana’s daughter, Katie Elizabeth, confirmed her mother is 72.

The video has been shared more than 3,500 times and hundreds of comments.

Vicky Staker said: “Omg, what a wonderful lady. Hope it was well received.”

Sheila Gibbs commented: “A wonderful woman she should be thanked and someway. Be awarded.”

Kristian Johnson said: “What a lovely lady but these guys are so cracked out there nuts they don’t care or have a clue what this lovely lady has done!”

Hannah Goodall said: “Share everyone, she is amazing and one of the most selfless people I know.

One user said: ““If only we had more people like Diana.

“She’s not on Facebook but her daughter, son in law and grandkids are, and I’m sure they will pass in this admiration.

“If only we had more people like Diana.”

Joanne Corsar said: “What a lovely lady.”

Diana’s daughter, Katy Elizabeth, confirmed that her mother was volunteering as part of an initiative ran by St Swithuns Church.

She said: “Lol she’s been caught out, she’s supposed to tell me and Ian when she goes so we know she is back!”

Diana’s grandson, Charlie Douglas, 18, said she and the other church volunteers are always thinking of others.

He said: “All the family are really proud of her for what she does and the faith she shows. Her first concern when we told her about the social media attention was making sure the Church group got the recognition above herself.

“What the video doesn’t show is after she gave “Grant and Sam” the hot chocolate, Grant came over and gave her a hug.

“My grandmother along with all the volunteers at St Swithuns are selfless and hopefully have inspired many more people to show compassion.”