John Barrowman shares dramatic video of himself “cut off” by heaviest rainfall for half a century


JOHN Barrowman has shared dramatic video of himself “trapped” in Palm Springs, California, by flooding that washed away a road.

The former Doctor Who star and I’m A Celebrity contestant revealed that he and his partner were were unable to get to Los Angeles following the heaviest rainfall for 50 years.

His clip shows him and Scott Gill standing on the highway as a newly-created river of rainwater rages nearby.

Barrowman posted the video on his social media platforms yesterday saying “#fanfamily we have had almost a year’s rain in one day here in #palmsprings and all roads are washed out. Just amazing. We might not make it to #LA tonight. Jb.”

John, filming himself, says: “So for those of you who may have seen the news in other parts of the world you may not, we are kind of trapped.”

Scott interrupts saying “we are on the road” while John shows the extent of the flash flood and adds: “These are the roads going in and out of Palm Springs.”

He continues: “We have just had some of the biggest rainfall in the past 50 years. We are just going to move away from it but all of the roads in and out of Palm Springs are blocked.”

A stunned Barrowman can be seen looking around in disbelief as the torrent cuts right through the main road.

“Listen to the noise, this was like, this was dry” as Barrowman points to the sky.

Barrowman then turns around and shows the road from the opposite side the flash flood saying “and this is the other side looking at the road.” The road appears to clear of debris as street lights can be seen in the distance.

Barrowman points the camera back towards the flash flood and says “crazy, crazy” and then jokes “but we needed the rain, just not all at once.”

Tracey Cahill responded: “Stay safe guys.”

Julie Simkiss added: “You and Scott and your family stay safe.”

Samantha Deem wrote: “Don’t get washed away!”

Ruan Ward said: “Stay safe both of you. Lots of love from England.”

Others joked that he could do with a little extraterrestrial help.

Chilton Taylor said: “Where’s a TARDIS when you need one?”