Dramatic moment running cop tasers fleeing suspect at almost 25ft


DRAMATIC video shows the moment a police officer uses a taser to shoot a suspect as he tries to run away.

The suspect is seen fleeing from a pair of officers, one of whom pulls off the remarkable shot despite the fact he too is running at full tilt.

There is a bang as the taser is fired, followed by a crackle of electricity, and the suspect instantly loses control of his limbs.

The man pitches forward and faceplants off the road in the Leckwith area of Cardiff, where the clip was filmed yesterday (mon) morning.

Sheila Woods posted her footage to social media with the caption: “Never a dull day. Taser.”

The video shows a man running away from two police officers down a deserted street after apparently escaping from a police van which can be seen in the background with its doors open.

Sheila filming the clip can be heard saying “what a d***head” as she follows the arrested man who is getting clear of the officers.

The man escaped from the police van

Suddenly one of the officers fires their taser from some 7m (23ft) and the man yelps out in pain and goes crashing to the ground.

The officer then shouts “taser! Stay where you are!” as the crackling sound of the taser sends volts of electricity into the groaning man.

The clip has stunned many people who have watched it.

He started to get away from the officers

Glamma Lexus said: “Down like Gemma Collins!”

Suzanne Perks added: “The sound of him hitting the floor though.”

Kelsey Lowery wrote: “He shouted taser after he shot him.”

Amir Akram said: “The guy was running like I do in some of my nightmares! You want to run but can’t… only way to explain how slow he’s running.”

He was shot down by the taser wielding cop

Sheila today said that the shot man had got away after a struggle.

She said: “I don’t know his name but his mum lives there. The man was placed in the back of an open police van, after a while he got out and there was a struggle, he ran got tasered without warning. It could have all been prevented if they had shut the van door, it seemed a bit extreme if you ask me.”