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How to Meet New People While Travelling

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The best way to understand everything about the place you travel to is to communicate with the locals because wherever you go, you will have to talk to indigenous people a lot and ask them for help. They know what is socially accepted in their culture and what is not, where to go, and what to eat.

To put it mildly, a local resident is a guide you can only dream of. Usually, we turn to strangers directly – “would you please me how can I get to…” – in the hope that a short exchange of reference information will grow into something more, but it’s not so easy to get to know the locals. We have summed up some of the best tips on how to meet new people while traveling and not to be afraid of unknown experiences yet staying safe.

  • Use your phone to meet people

If you have a smartphone (and you most likely do), then you have probably heard about the Tinder application. It allows you to meet new people wherever you want. You can make a lot of new friends and acquaintances there. The settings of the application help to adjust your geolocation because the program offers you to meet people within the circle of easy reach.

There are also websites where you can meet beautiful indigenous women and start an online video chat with girls, so you can get acquainted remotely and then meet in real life for a walk.

  • You never know when will you meet someone interesting

The best acquaintances happen spontaneously, with some kind of general occupation or separation of interests. As you know, there can be many activities that unite people during traveling, from swimming together in the sea in summer to skiing down the mountain hills in winter. And even if you met by chance or suddenly and were not at all ready for this, believe me, you will always find something to talk about. All you need to do is simply follow the chance life gives you and enjoy the journey itself, get to know yourself and another person, and you will be surprised to discover how you were just strangers.

  • You can be the best real version of yourself

When you travel, nobody or very few people know you as a rule, and you do not have a special role that you need to match, such as at home or at work. Therefore, you can relax and be yourself. The very atmosphere of new acquaintances creates a feeling of ease. It’s as if you are launching an internal “I’m on vacation” program and disconnect from a large number of daily activities and responsibilities, feeling alive.

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  • Do stuff together

When people do tasks or artworks together, it can be a good way to let the awkwardness go away at the beginning of a conversation, get to know another person, and see them in action. For example, acquaintances can begin at the airport or on the streets of a new city in a rush and stressful situations when one person needs the help of the other. These occasional parties, excursions, sports events together contribute a lot to making people closer.

  • Nothing makes people closer faster than food

What could be better than a heart-to-heart conversation and delicious food? On the other hand, if you do not plan to climb into other people’s houses at lunchtime or spend time at restaurants, having a formal dinner, then inviting a person you have met while traveling to a local diner is not an easy task. Fortunately, technology comes to aid once again and provides travelers with the opportunity to communicate with locals without much restraint. Use apps, eat delicious food, and meet new people!

  • Have no place to drop by?

Couchsurfing is one of the largest guest networks existing in the form of an online service. It unites more than 7 million people in 246 countries. Members of the network provide each other with help and accommodation during their traveling for free. This network is not only for freeloaders who want to spend the night free of charge while on holiday in another city. Couchsurfing is a company search for hangouts and meeting people, so you can find guides and travel companions for any trip.

  • What Not To Write In Your Profile On A Dating Website

If you start traveling with the aim of meeting your potential partner, there are things you should never mention in your profile not to scare people away and to stay safe yourself:

1. Birthdays of family members or yours. As it can be used to create a fake account or hack your profile. As well as if you are young, people having bad intentions can suppose you will be easy prey for them if you travel alone.

2. Relationship status. It can be dangerous too, as the status of being “free” can be a sign that you are alone (and there will be no one to protect you).

3. Your location. Internet sites should not contain accurate information about your upcoming plans or destination if you do not want to meet freaks.

4. Do not tell that you travel alone.

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