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Vapers Shopping Habits: Online or In Store?

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Vaping is one of the fasted growing industries with more and more people turning to e-cigarettes all around the world. It is used a smoking cessation tool for smokers looking to stop or switch to an alternative that is not as dangerous, but it is also an activity that many non-smokers have taken up to form a new subculture.

A Growing Industry

As such a huge industry and one which is expected to grow exponentially over the coming years, it is no surprise that so many vaping stores are appearing both online and as physical stores. So, what are the shopping habits of the vaping community and do they prefer to buy in store or online?

Shopping In-Store

When first starting out, it seems that people tend to buy their kit in a vape shop. This is because it can be helpful to speak to someone face to face and to find the right vape for your particular needs. Additionally, some people who vape will buy in store if they have run out and are in need of e-liquid and cannot afford to wait for a delivery. One of the major benefits of shopping in store is that many of these have become hubs where vapers can come together, vape and be social with like-minded people.

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Shopping Online

It seems that once people know what they need and are more experienced they will purchase what they need online. This is because you have much more choice and you can find vape mods and specialist equipment online. There are the obvious benefits that shopping online brings, such as the fact that you can do it 24/7 and have the items delivered straight to your door. Additionally, it is often cheaper to purchase products online which can be another major appealing factor for buying supplies online.

Both Have Benefits

There are pros and cons for both shopping in-store and shopping online. Overall, shopping in a psychical vape store is best if you want personalised advice and if you want to feel a sense of community while shopping online can be better if you know exactly what you need and do not need to talk to someone about different options. Still, many people prefer to shop in store due to the sense of belonging and community and this looks set to continue as vaping continues to grow and become a larger subculture.

The e-cigarette industry is growing at an astonishing rate and attracting people looking to stop smoking but also those that have never smoked before. It is predicted to continue growing at this rate over the coming years and therefore it is no surprise that there are so many vape shops and online retailers looking to capitalise on this enormous industry.

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