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UncategorizedWhy is it worth using Virtual Private Networks in 2019?

Why is it worth using Virtual Private Networks in 2019?

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If you live in the US or Singapore, you have definitely failed to watch N. Robertson vs S. Bingham online match on February 17. In case you are from North Korea, Syria or China, you won’t stream Netflix. These days, censorship is the problem almost everyone has faced. It touches on various spheres: news, cinematography, sports, and whatnot. However, geographical restrictions are not the only problem we might suffer from on the Internet these days.

The number of fraudulent emails (designed to steal money or data) increased by 60% in 2018. Not only big corporations but individual users as well become the target of hackers. The tools which serve to overcome such troubles are described on the bestvpnrating site. They are called VPN services. And in this article we are going to highlight when do they help.

Bypass geo-blocking

The first reason people subscribe for VPN providers is the facility to go round restrictions concerned with the certain place a man inhabits. We have already presented a couple of examples of content restrictions. But in actual fact, it could hardly be found a place with no kind of restrictions.

VPNs help to bypass them due to the facility to disguise the location of a user. More than this, such apps change a user’s IP into the one which belongs to another country. For example, to stream Netflix originals, it’s necessary to connect to one of the US-based VPN servers.

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Data security

Is there a high probability that you would like your data to be compromised? It is not likely! But most distressingly, it happens quite often these days. For example, sensitive information about 330 million Twitter users fell among thieves. And this despite the fact that this social network takes all reasonable precautions to protect their users. Data of an average user is several times more vulnerable to leaks and breaches.


VPN providers use AES 256-bit key encryption to safeguard the information you send and receive across a network. Thus, even if someone manages to hack your device, your data will be ciphered. Thanks to Virtual Private Networks, you gain a high level of protection on the Internet.

Anonymous surfing

Online anonymity is something many people strive for. The reasons are diverse: from the desire to get rid of advertisers to the facility to download torrents.

The thing is that an ISP knows about every single activity of a user on the Internet (visited sites, time of access, search queries, etc). It stores such data with the purpose to sell it to the advertisers. When the last ones study this information, they know what goods and services are interesting for a certain person. Here’s why you see these annoying pop-up windows.

VPN’s disable Internet Service Providers to monitor your online behavior (for example, Avast VPN provider). Thanks to it you don’t see any ads.


Nowadays, it is a common delusion that hackers are attack only big organizations. We all are in crosshairs. The use of such security tools as VPN services helps to keep data safe and personality anonymous.

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