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Top 3 Destinations in Europe for Stag Parties


Western European cities are becoming progressively popular as stag weekend destinations.

The alluring combo of great bars, cheap flights and glorious weather convinces groups of friends to travel from the UK each year for not simply new experiences, but a great time as well.

Here are the Top 3 destinations for a stag do weekend in Europe:


(C) DaTroll

Prague is a thought-provoking city with numerous sightseeing occasions, cultural affairs and such.

Nonetheless what happens after sunset on Central Europe’s well-looked-after jewel?

What is the Prague nightlife like? Prague turns into a different metropolitan full of tiptoeing shadows in faintly lit lanes, rotating bats above your head plus a certain sense of crazy pleasure.

From old-style beer halls with the accordion players to classy contemporary dance clubs, the Prague-nightlife is up to task till the sun comes up, plus what superior approach to see Charles Bridge then at dawn (in addition to the world-celebrated bridge is practically empty at daybreak and quite spectacular devoid of hordes of sightseers)?  

Prague nightlife traits some fantastic night clubs wherein one can dance all night to techno, house and all other sorts of dance music; appropriate indie club nights, though you cannot fit here if you are accustomed to the British standard.

If you seek an eighties night, then there are indeed a few decent clubs in Prague wherein you can sport the zebra leggings, big hair, and blue eyeliner.

Do you long for a memorable night in the city in the beautiful metropolis of Prague?

Check out the local casinos, the seat of Prague’s nightlife!

The lively city of Prague has casinos dotted all over the metropolitan, with the bulk of them being on well-known Wenceslas Square, the scenery for inspirational rebellions in history.

Prague casinos are becoming increasingly popular with locals and tourists alike, and you shall be happy to use up your wild nights dealing and wheeling with the best card dealers found in elegant Prague casinos waiting for you!


Berline Dome (C) Torek

Often contemplated to be the heartbeat of Europe, Berlin is amongst the continent’s top significant transportation hub plus – with more than 3.5 million occupants – it is not only considered the most significant German city nonetheless next to London and also the second biggest in the whole European Union.

In no other German city, traditional offerings are more varied than Berlin, the abode to the currywurst.

A constant fixture in the Berlin festivals calendar of proceedings is the commemorations that take place at Waldbühne on the gardens of the Olympic Park plus the stage in Wuhlheide. Both provide a superior closeness to the environment.

The Lollapalooza Festival is at ease all over the sphere and likewise regularly comes to Berlin, for instance at Treptower Park.

If one enjoys danceable beats, then Elektro-Festival is the apt place for you.

You may even come across Berlin DJ Frans Zimmer, code-named Alle Farben.

No matter what day, no matter what time – Berlin always has something going on.

The German capital is amid the most exhilarating cultural centers of the globe and is, thus, a well-known destination for intercontinental shows, artists and Berlin festivals.


(C) Ivar Leidus

Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia, is considered in modern times for its speedy social and economic development, which, with the’ entrance in the EU,’ gave a gigantic boost to sight-seeing.

The pubs, bars, lounges, and clubs of Tallinn make one get the impression that Estonians are desperate party lovers.

For a city its size, Tallinn has a questionably high number of nightclubs and bars. Nonetheless, for foreigners, this just implies there is more multiplicity on offer.

Between all kinds of splendidness, there is an odd combination of even more overwhelming, creepy spots.

Also, even if Tallinn prides itself of a rather large assortment of pubs, bars, lounges, and clubs, there are other numerous hangouts to call.

If you are one of the persons looking to discover the metropolitan after sunset, you may want to conduct a bit of investigation first.