Sunday, May 22, 2022
NewsShocking moment yobs in car push female cyclist into hedge

Shocking moment yobs in car push female cyclist into hedge

SHOCKING video shows thugs in a car speeding along a country lane before pushing an unsuspecting female cyclist into a hedge.

The yobs slow down enough to pull alongside the woman and one of them in the back seat gives her a hefty shove.

As the woman and her bike fall sideways into the hedge and the car speeds away, the victim can be heard yelling back: “F*** off you f****** k***head!”

The video appears to have been filmed by the passenger in the front seat and since being uploaded to numerous sites on social media yesterday the clip has been viewed over 300,000 times.

It is not know where or when the video was filmed but one viewer claimed it showed a back road in to Kirkby, Merseyside.

At the beginning of the clip the car can be heard speeding down the road passing hedges.

The video then pans over slightly revealing the black car but not enough to be able to identify it.

The car slows down and the cyclist appears. The yob in the back leans far out of the car and shoves her hard with one hand, knocking her off balance and sideways into the hedge.

The yob stretched out of his vehicle to push the cyclist into the hedge

The video then ends with one of the members of the gang laughing at her reaction.

@J__s97 was one of the people who shared the viral clip later commenting: “Sure that’s the back road to Kirkby from Simonswood as well yeno hahahaha.”

But @head_holy was among the many viewers shocked by the clip, writing: “What an utter b***end. In no way is that funny – come try knock me off my bike and I will feed your car to you bit by bit.”

@woopidstanker added: “What kind of a c***ish p***k does that… this country is f*****.”

@AbdnStudents posted: “Imagine wanting to hurt another person just because they ride a bike, Christ alive what a c***.”

@fugazi3973 added: “What a t**t. Hope he takes a corner too fast and ploughs into a hedge himself.

@adsmith831 captioned her tweet: “That’s an old lady. Dude she must be 60 that’s the only reason I don’t find it funny.”

The cyclist fell into the hedge calling them “f*****g K***heads.

However, some people thought the video was funny but agreed it is something they shouldn’t laugh at.

@marktoleman wrote: “On one hand this is terrible, dangerous and I do hope she’s OK, but on the other hand it’s f****** hilarious.”

@clivec71 said: “That’s assault. I shouldn’t laugh but I did a smidge.”

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