Hilarious moment “away with the fairies” Jimmy Hill lookalike dances by the side of Glasgow road


BIZARRE footage shows a Jimmy Hill lookalike bust some very weird moves next to a busy city road.

Scott Gordon’s clip shows the man, who bears a striking resemblance to the late BBC football presenter, dancing in Dumbreck Road, Glasgow.

Scott posted the clip last Tuesday [FEB 19th] with the caption, “People make Glasgow.”

Scott said today he couldn’t shed any further light on what the lantern-jawed jiver was up to.

“I believe he was away with the fairies,” said Scott.

Scott, in the passenger seat, films as the man points at the sky and then crosses

his arms to make an ‘X’.

The arms then come down to his side and appears to be making a wave motion with them.

The person in the car with Scott can be heard saying: “Send me that.”

He then begins to sway his hips in tandem with his arms swaying back and forth.

Another clip shows the same man maneuvering a stick round his body before Scott finishes filming.