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News"Kill the n*****s, they're subhuman" Cops hunt bigot behind racist messages found...

“Kill the n*****s, they’re subhuman” Cops hunt bigot behind racist messages found in village

POLICE are investigating disgusting racist messages discovered by children at a Aberdeenshire primary school.

Strips of paper bearing the printed text “Kill the n*****s, they are subhuman” were found in a street and then taken by children to the playground at St Cyrus Primary.

The messages were reported to police on February 14 after some of the children took the messages home and they were seen by parents.

One mother, who has the only black children at the school, took to a community page dedicated to the village, to issue a warning.

She wrote: “There has sadly been a racially aggravating incident on Mercury Terrace resulting in inappropriate fliers being in the possession of school children.

“These fliers happened to have found their way to the school playground at lunchtime yesterday.

Children took the messages home where they were seen by parents.

“The content of these fliers are so offensive and raise safety concerns for my children who are the only children of colour at the school albeit there are other children of mixed races.”

She added: “It is sad that issues of race should be discussed on this platform in this manner.

“Can I ask that pending the full investigation of this case that parents who received this offensive flier from their children should support them in discussions about difference.

“As the mother of the children targeted l am asking for support and understanding.”

One parent, who did not wish to be named, claimed another resident, a “Jamaican dad with mixed race kids” took the messages to the school.

She said: “The school failed to act on the day of the incident. The school only informed the police the following day.”

Police Scotland described the messages as “completely unnacceptable”.

Donna Fraser responded online: “That’s really sad to hear. You have beautiful, polite children. Why is this happening in 2019? I hope the culprits are suitably punished.”

Katy Striplin said: “I’m so sorry to read this. Appalling and I sincerely hope the police are taking this very seriously. Please understand that the community does not support this behaviour or share their disgusting bigoted views.”

Graham Woodland commented: “Hope the police put these morons in their place, which isn’t here, or now.”

Nikki Broon wrote: “How awful. Reading this has disgusted me. I hope the culprits are found.”

Lori Forbes said: “Contacted the police regarding this myself yesterday as my son was concerned by the note and wanted it reported.”

Joe Fee added: “Absolutely disgusting and not acceptable in this day and age. Hope whoever is responsible is caught and dealt with.”

Locals took to social media to condemn the messages.

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland said: “Police are carrying out enquiries following a report from a member of the public after several pieces of paper with racist comments were found in the St Cyrus area on 14 February.”

Inspector Steve Dick of the Kincardine and Mearns Community Policing Team said: “St Cyrus is a very safe place to live and this type of behaviour is completely unacceptable.

“We would urge anyone with information about the notes to contact police on 101 using reference number 2516 of 14 February.”

No one has been arrested or charged.

A spokeswoman for Aberdeenshire Council said that because there is active police investigation, they did not want to comment.

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