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How the Internet Changed our Gaming Habits?


The internet has rapidly transformed the way we communicate and keep entertained. It would be impossible to live without the internet as our life appears to be linked with it. It is also the case of almost industries that have adapted to the internet growth and various new technologies. One of the sectors which have influenced by internet rise is the gambling industry.

The global online gambling market has grown with several possibilities to improve the reputation of this field. How has the internet changed people’s gambling habits? We will answer this question on this page.

History of online gambling

The internet began in the early 1960s but it wasn’t completely commercialized until the 1990s. As the internet was totally developed in 1994, many commercial service providers emerged in some countries. Antigua and Barbuda was the first country to give licence to the online casino in 1994 and after their Free Trade & Processing Act started to be used. Around the same time, the casino software developer Microgaming was established that would become the most successful company in the world.

At the end of 1997, as the money transactions were revolutionized, two hundred internet casinos were born. Planet Poker was the first operator to open the online poker room in January 1998. The introduction of multiplayer online gambling in 1999 allowed the players to gamble and chat with one another at the same time.

In 2005, the most important event in the UK gambling history occurred. The Gambling Act 2005 came into effect letting the gambling firms for the first time to have access in the United Kingdom. This act has also the goal to control all form of gambling in the three countries including England, Scotland, and Wales.

Betting on the Go

Since the appearance of the smartphone, gambling with the telephone and mobile casinos has become more and more common. The mobile devices have changed our gambling habits as we can bet on the go. Several were established allowing the mobile players to place their bets anywhere and anytime. The smartphones have revolutionized the gambling industry responding to the players’ demand to divert from anywhere they are. As the operators always launch new innovations to attract categories of players, various games can be accessed on their mobile phones.

These gamblers can download apps or log in their favourite mobile casinos and can play instantly. Apart from the web-based casino, the payment options are also associated with the online gambling. Payment methods enable the gamblers to deposit or withdraw directly to their mobile casinos.

Today, many online casinos deal with the banking options that have a great role to respond to the customers’ demand. Whether they are for the e-Wallet, ?ryptocurrencies, phone bill, credit cards, and more, they will surely find their suitable payment solutions. One of the most popular and well-reputed services like pay by SMS casino permitting the customers to deposit or withdraw via their phone in a safe and secure way. Among the advantages of using this method is that the users don’t require sharing their personal and banking details.

Internet has transformed our betting habits

Since the internet development, gambling is one of the most proliferate industries in the world. People don’t need to move on the comfort of their lounge room and can enjoy different games at any time they want. As several casino sites are available, the players have a large choice in terms of games.

The web-based casinos offer various types of games compared to the brick and mortar casino suitable for the fans of games of chance or games of skill. Today, the competition between the casino software suppliers is fierce with tons of high-quality games. Moreover, the casino sites now offer a wide range of payment options convenient to each gambler. Whether they want to deposit or withdraw their payouts, various methods are available.

Does gambling progression increase many gambling problems?

It is undeniable that gambling is a recreational activity linked to the money. Although this sector shows amazing growth during the last few decades, the percentage of gambling issues has not augmented. Therefore, the answer to the question to above is “No” according to the researches. This problem affected significantly more female than male. The reason is simple; the women are more emotional and more likely to be depressed when they lose.