Moment clueless driver STOPS on M25 after missing junction and almost causes pile-up


SHOCKING video shows a clueless motorist STOP on the M25 after missing their turn – causing cars to swerve wildly to avoid disaster.

The Toyota driver decided to come to a halt on one of Europe’s busiest motorways after missing the Gatwick Airport turn.

Heart-stopping footage from Simon Rainey’s dashcam shows several cars swerve around the stationary vehicle as a major pile-up is narrowly avoided.

Simon, 47, from Sevenoaks, Kent, captured the near-miss on Monday afternoon as he was returning home from work.

Simon is occupying the middle lane on the motorway as he drives passed junction 7.

Suddenly vehicles can be seen swerving in front of him. A van veers off to the right hand lane and the car in front switches to the left.

Even after causing utter mayhem, the Toyota persists in trying to cross two sets of slip roads with clear hazard markings.

Simon has to emergency brake and swerve right as he is stuck between two lanes.

Just as he straightens his car up, a Mercedes flashes by him on the right hand lane missing Simon by inches.

Simon was travelling at 70mph before braking down to as low 27mph as revealed on his dash cam.

One commenter said: “That could have been fatal. Had virtually exactly the same happen to me years ago when I was a fairly new driver, how there wasn’t a crash then I have no idea.”

The stationary vehicle that drivers were forced to swerve past

A second commenter added: “ Who the f*** in their right mind comes to a complete stop on a motorway.”

A third commenter wrote: “S*** the bed that was close! I do wonder what goes through people’s minds sometimes, it’s not hard to get in the right lane for where you’re going!”

Another comment said: “The c*** missed his junction.”

Another added: “Stupid f***.”

Simon today said that he was shaken by the ordeal.

He said: “My initial reaction was just to avoid it, it all happened so quickly. I was very shaken when I got home, but fortunately didn’t have long to get there. It just surprises me how people don’t think and take late action and the consequences that could have happened to me and other users.”

Simon believes that he had a little help from upstairs.

He added: “It [Toyota] was at a stop because he missed the junction, you can see in the footage him going up the slip road on the left. The Mercedes seemed like inches away. I believe the man upstairs was on my side that day!”