“UFC pheasant edition” Birds battle in middle of Highland road – holding up 26 tonne bin lorry


HILARIOUS video shows two pheasants fighting in the middle of a Highland road – completely unaware of the 26-tonne bin lorry they’re blocking.

The avian antagonists try to peck and scratch each other during the scrap while the crew of the bin lorry inch forward on their rounds.

The fight occurred on Wednesday afternoon near Ardgay, Sutherland, on a very narrow rural road.

Binman Daniel Norrie, 31, from Brora, filmed the clip and posted it to social media with the caption: “UFC pheasant edition. Please excuse my language.”

The video shows two male pheasants facing off against each other toe to toe whilst Daniel – filming from his bin lorry – can be heard saying “fight!” in anticipation of what was to come.

The bin lorry is forced to come to stop whilst the two pheasants continue to stare each other out in the middle of the road as Daniel can be heard giggling.

Suddenly one pheasant strikes with a peck starting the monumental battle.

The both pheasants attack their competitors as there fight takes flight – one foot from the ground.

A momentary lull in proceedings happens as one pheasants walks around the other looking for the best place to strike.

At this point the lorry creeps forward to try and scare the pheasants from leaving the road so Daniel can carry on with the days work.

However, as both pheasants run away from the bin lorry they engage in combat once more and end up out of sight, under the lorry.

At which point Daniel’s colleague driving can be heard saying “Aw for the love of Christ” as he is forced to stop suddenly to prevent the pheasants from becoming roadkill.

The pheasants race back into view as the fight continues running from the lorry whilst still scuffling with one another.

The fight occured near Ardgay, Sutherland.

At this point Daniel decides to get out and chase the pheasants away so they can get on with their job.

Paul Jamieson said: “What a pheasant surprise that must’ve been.”

Marion Cannon added; “Gearing up for a battle.”

Euan Howells wrote: “Laughing my ass off.”

Daniel today said he also find it funny and his assumptions as to what they were fighting over.

He said: “Probably like most men, a woman or food. I think there territorial.

“They had been fighting for a few minutes before I took the video, we used to have a pheasant who every week chased the lorry and would attack our feet so we were laughing about it to.

Daniel Norrie, 31, uploaded the video to Facebook.

“I didn’t think I’d have time to get phone out to capture this fight but they wouldn’t stop.”

Daniel said the fight had kept them waiting for several minutes.

He added: “I wanted to move them on so we could continue our route and also so no one else would hit them. We had been waiting for three or four minutes.”