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Man kneed in head and thrown over wall during scrap – but viewers praise them for not using weapons

SHOCKING video shows two men having a brutal fist fight in the middle of the street as families walk by.

One of the men is kneed in the head while on the ground and then gets thrown over a wall.

But the vicious scrap, which was filmed in Durham last Saturday, has been praised by some viewers because they men are not using weapons.

Others have condemned the brawlers for fighting in front of families and children.

The clip, filmed in the city’s North Road, begins with the two men grappling, one in a grey jacket and the other wearing black.

The man in the grey jacket starts lashing out with punches and catches his opponent in the face with one – which can be heard in the clip.

As he tries to fight back, the man in the black coat then falls to the ground which allows his rival to begin using his knees to strike blows.

He manages to get up and continue the scrap, throwing punches as his jacket falls from him, and the two end up on the ground again shortly after with cheers from the group watching on.

They wrestle each other back to their feet before the man in the grey jacket throws the other over a small wall outside a shop.

It was uploaded to Facebook on Saturday afternoon on a page dedicated to the bare knuckle boxer James McCrory, with the caption: “Idiots in Durham today. Can’t handle the drink boys. Don’t play out.”

It has been viewed over 85,000 times so far and has received large online reaction.

The vicious scrap was filmed in Durham, last Sunday.

Viewers of the clip were quick to blast the men for having such a brutal fight in front of families.

Jane Carmedy wrote: “I bet the families walking by were delighted.”

Dave Cee commented: “Absolute bunch of b***ends. Middle of Durham? Families out shopping and you see that going on?”

Claire Leckenby said: “It’s not on where families are. They should have more sense but no. Had a few shandies and wanna have a scrap. K***s.”

Damian Feldman wrote: “P*** off. Broad daylight in the town centre? Only c***s behave like that.”

However, some social media users praised the men for having a proper fight without the use of weapons.

Ian Moore said: “It’s not very mature but compared to some of the things I’ve seen lately at least it’s two lads having a straightener without a gang jumping in, and nobody getting stabbed or kicked in the head.”

Viewers of the clip were quick to blast the men.

Craig Leightley said: “If you’re gonna scrap, that’s the way it’s done,” and Ciaran Kelly wrote: “No jumping in, no weapons, don’t see anything wrong here tbh, fair play lads.”

A spokeswoman for Durham Constabulary said: “We are aware of footage circulating on social media of a group of men fighting in Durham city centre on Saturday, however it has not been officially reported to us.

“Incidents of this nature are rare in Durham but we want to make it absolutely clear that this level of violence will not be tolerated under any circumstances.”

The uploaded, James McCrory, from Newcastle, is well-known as a bare knuckle boxer in the North East and has competed in over 150 contests which are completely legal.

He is currently profiled on the official Bare Knuckle Boxing website as a light-heavyweight competitor.

Durham Constabulary said they were aware of the footage.

According to his Facebook page, the fighter retired from the activity in 2015 before taking it up again a year later.

Bare knuckle boxing rules state that fighters will not use gloves and only punches are allowed. Fights take place with an appointed referee and a doctor on site.

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