Shocking video shows smoking woman flick ash out of car window while parked at petrol station


A WOMAN has been caught on camera smoking inside her car at a petrol station – and then flicking ashes on to the forecourt.

The clip shows the woman sitting in the back of a car parked next to pumps at a Tesco petrol station with the window open. She then puts the cigarette outside the window and flicks ash on to the ground.

The clip was filmed at Tesco’s Weston Avenue store in Cardiff last Friday and uploaded to social media with the caption: “Can we smoke in your petrol station now?”

Kurtis James White put a caption on the clip itself asking: “Is this b***h actually flicking a fag in a petrol station?”

Lesley Lees-Robertson responded: “ Did you get the number plate of the car?

“Clearly this person needs educated. I don’t think Tesco can do much about it now, but maybe reporting her the authorities would help. Is it not actually illegal to do this?”

Janet Aitken added: “Didn’t you report it to any of the staff? It would have been the first thing I would have done.”

Sammy Blitzer Phillips wrote: “Did you knock on the window and ask what she thought she was doing?”

Tesco declined to comment on the incident.