Thursday, May 26, 2022
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Hilarious moment clueless crook crawls across floor in failed attempt to avoid CCTV

HILARIOUS video shows a clueless criminal crawling on the floor in a failed bid to dodge a security camera.

The bungling burlar seems to fancy himself as Ethan Hunt, Tom Cruise’s character in Mission Impossible, as he snakes slowly across the floor.

But he ends up acting more like comedy spy Johnny English by repeatedly looking up directly at the camera in O’Hares bar and restaurant in Stockport, Greater Manchester.

The incident was captured on CCTV at around 1.20am yesterday (wed) and posted by owner Suzi O’Hare who urged: “Let’s catch the thieving scumbag.”

The video shows the man climbing down from a window and scanning the room.

He spots a security camera and flinches, shortly afterwards ducking behind a counter.

The crook is temporarily out of sight as he crawls around furniture but then pops his head out and looks directly at the camera.

The crook thought he wouldn’t get caught if he crawled below the camera

Presumably not realising that the camera has a wide angle lens he decides to crawl underneath the security device.

But the lens catches every second of his progress across the floor, providing details about the clothes he is wearing.

The burglar stole several items from the kitchen including a charity box.

The burglar is thought to have stolen a charity box as well as several other items

Katie Fisher responded: “He’s not really disguised himself well so hope he gets caught.”

Julie Dyer also thought the video could help, writing: “Looks like the guy who tried breaking into shops in Dorchester Parade – similar trainers.”

Others appeared to recognise the man from CCTV footage.

Many people have come out to support Suzi

Tori Richards said: “Looks like same guy that did Topaki.”

Hassan Mehmet wrote: “That’s the same guy that broke into two places in Hazel Grove two weeks ago.”

Debbie Healey wrote: “Enough is enough innocent businesses being robbed! People working hard trying to pay their taxes and get by. Why are these people who are robbing getting away with it?”

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