Moment white van man swerves on to pavement near schoolkids rather than wait a few minutes


SHOCKING video shows a white van driver swerve on to the pavement close to where children are making their way to school.

The impatient van driver decided to put lives at risk rather than wait a few minutes after coming head-to-head with a car being driven in the opposite driver.

The incident happened in Bognor Regis, West Sussex, on Wednesday at around 8.20am near The Regis School.

The clip was captured on dash cam by the approaching driver Tim Hoath from Bognor who posted the video to a closed Facebook group saying “Down my road yesterday 6th of march 2019 morning school run, going to work.

“Bus let me past, then white van passes the bus wrongly and mounted the kerb onto path where school children [were] walking.”

The video shows Tim approaching a junction in his car while a bus can be seen dropping off commuters at a bus stop.

As Tim gets closer to the bus a white van emerges from behind the vehicle and overtakes the bus, heading straight towards Tim.

Tim then brakes his car to try an avoid a collision just as the white van turns to his right and drives along the pavement.

The incident happened in Bognor Regis, West Sussex near The Regis School.

Tim is forced to swerve around the van as the bus driver watched the drama unfolded.

The bus driver can be making a hand gesture that leaves viewers in little doubt what he made of the van driver.

One viewer responded: “How anybody can say the van driver has any right of way on this is beyond me.

“He’s turned into the road too fast, gone straight into the wrong lane without even looking down the road, passed the bus that’s indicating to pull out and then mounted the kerb to pass on the pavement.”

The clip was captured on dashcam but approaching driver, Tim Hoath.

A second commenter agreed: “The van should of waited behind the bus as when he comes round the corner he automatically goes on the other side without looking anyway, then mounts the kerb and carries on.”

Another wrote: “What the van driver did is illegal and should be reported you had right of way he didn’t and the police would take a very dim view of his reckless driving as well.”

Tim today said that he was amazed by the van driver’s decision to go on the pavement.

He said: “Me and my partner and the bus driver we’re amazed [by] what an idiot he was, I was glad the bus driver looked at him as he was passing him then looked at me. Then did the w****r sign and laughed.”

The bus driver made a “w****r” sign and laughed.

He added: “I definitely think I was in the right, due to the bus indicating to pull out but decided to wait for me, the van obviously would of seen this and should of waited.

Not everyone agreed with Tim. One viewer commented: “Personally I would of stopped for the van, maybe it’s not the legal or correct way but this could of been avoided. Ease off the gas, let him through, he would of waved at you then you’d both move on.”