Saturday, August 13, 2022
NewsDrake fan takes off bra and films her "10/10"throw to rapper -...

Drake fan takes off bra and films her “10/10″throw to rapper – who catches it without missing a beat

A DRAKE fan has gone viral after she took off her bra mid-gig and filmed herself throwing the garment to the rapper – who caught it on stage in front of 20,000 fans.

Tal Brea waits until the star is as close as possible and then flings the garment on a perfect trajectory towards him.

Drake shows his reflexes are in great shape by plucking the bra out of the air – prompting screams of delight from fans at the Manchester Arena.

Tal, 18, said she took the bra off mid-gig because it was giving her a rash.

Drake fan takes off bra and films her "10/10"throw to rapper - who catches it without missing a beat
Tal flung her bra when she saw the singer was getting close

The student from Manchester decided on the spur of the moment that she would make a gift of the bra to the Canadian singer of Hotline Bling.

Tal tweeted the video with the caption “How did @Drake catch my bra like that – I can’t.”

The video has since gone viral and has been viewed over 1.3 million times.

The video shows Tal standing in the crowd near the stage with her bra crumpled in in hand.

Tal then skillfully throws her bra on a high arc towards the stage.

She said the bra was giving her a rash

Drake reacts with equal dexterity, grabbing the bra, quickly inspecting it, and then twirling it in time to the song he is performing.

Trixiepriv wrote online: “I absolutely wish it was mine for f***’s sake.”

Tayalarre wrote: “I’m shook I thought it was click bait.”

BreezyCaestillo added: “The flick of your wrist is rather remarkable.”

Paulo073 said: “Dude caught it on beat.”

Drake managed to catch the bra in front of 20,000 fans

Albincomens wrote: “Question is how were you able to throw like that. NBA star you are.”

Tal today said that she was in complete shock.

Tal said: “I could hardly speak when it happened I turned around and asked whether that just really happened. I never expected anything like this to happen on Twitter. I didn’t even expect to get more than 100 likes.”

Tal considered whether she has now become a trend setter at Drake concerts.

She added: “I know lots of people are replying saying they are going to do it at the next concert, someone even tried to do it after me on stage but he just left it off the stage.

Tal, who rated her throw 10/10, had some advice for anyone who might be jealous, saying: “I just think if you’re jealous do something out there that he will notice you for, that’s what I did and this is the outcome.”

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