Woman sparks jealousy after tweeting snap of boyfriend’s “sleepover box”


A WOMAN has sparked widespread jealousy by posting pictures of the “sleepover box” made by super-romantic boyfriend.

Tommy Greener filled the decorative box with overnight essentials including chocolates, a toothbrush, face mask and cleansing wipes for removing make-up.

A bowled-over Polly Greaves was led to the box by a trail of heart-shaped glitter and candles before discovering a framed picture of herself and Tommy perched on top.

Polly, 18, admitted the gesture made her cry – and Tommy’s romantic nature has made many women green with envy over the couple from Durham.

Polly was completely taken aback by the gesture

Polly posted the photos on Wednesday, tweeting: “Walk in to Tommy’s room and he’s done this. A sleepover box for when I stay over.”

One photo shows a candle lit room with baby blue and pink heart shaped glitter sprinkled across the floor creating a path leading up to the sleepover box.

On top of the spotted box sits another candle and a framed photo of Polly and Tommy.

The contents of the box included a pack of toothbrushes and a face mask

Another photo shows the contents of the sleepover box which contained a packet of toothbrushes and face masks, cleansing wipes, a bag of maltesers and what appears to be black pajamas.

The tweet has since gone viral and has sparked out outrage amongst many jealous girls sounding out their partners to follow suit.

_Chellie1872 said: “@StevieG1912 I don’t ever think I got this. Can you no be romantic for once, think I deserve it.”

Chxrlottegray added: “@BillySimmonss I want one every time I’m round for now on I’m fed up of packing a bag every day.”

The tweet made many girls jealous

Lydiaxpeckett wrote: “@hundredcrowns where was all this for me? I had to stock up your house on my own.”

Em_leyy said: “@yngloois where’s my box for my stuff then.”

Bethangwhelan added: “@JakeAlexanderR1 please learn.”

Emmarussell_1 wrote: “@mattygilder97 cough cough…”

Amyrandall99 said: “@burnett_rowan I bloody need this at yours. Sick of playing the game of what can Amy possibly take her make up off with this time.”

However, some have criticised the gesture saying it is too cringy.

Polly and Tommy have been together for seven months

WeeksMegan said: “Imagine walking into a candle lit room to a f***** Colgate multipack.”

Aprilpalmer_ added: “That’s super weird I’d be bringing that s*** over myself.”

Ionamilz wrote: “@HajraHamid how cringe is this.”

Polly and Tommy have been together for only seven months how she revealed the gesture was completely spontaneous and overwhelming.

Polly said: “I cried! And I know it is a bit cringe, but it’s cute. [It was] completely out of the blue.

“It’s nice to be thought of like that no matter if they spend a fiver or £500.”