“Absolute b******” Shocking clip shows Range Rover using slip road to undertake lorry on M25


SHOCKING footage captures a car cutting across a slip road to undertake another vehicle on one of the UK’s deadliest motorways.

The white SUV was caught making the dangerous manoeuvre on the M25 clockwise on February 14

The driver decided to undertake the vehicle just before the junction 27 exit for the M11.

Mark Allgood uploaded the video to a private Facebook group last month captioned with: “M25 clockwise to M11”.

The clip begins with the vehicle driving on the left hand lane beside a slip road, which slowly becomes another lane.

The lane is then split up by chevrons to stop vehicles from re-entering the motorway by undertaking cars.

Mark then follows arrows that tells drivers leaving to move into the left hand lane, which is beside the chevrons.

Suddenly a white Range Rover appears out of nowhere speeds past Mark’s lorry, brakes, then indicates to re-enter the M25.

The white SUV then moves into the right hand lane ignoring the road markings and then re-enters the M25 crossing over another set of white chevrons.

The car manages to safely get onto the motorway within metres of hitting the crash barrier head on.

The driver decided to undetake just before the Junction 27 exit for the M11

The white Range Rover then continues to speed down the road in front of a coach.

Many users wrote under Mark’s post with one writing: “Knew what I was going to see but I guessed it would be from right to left. That was a crazy move.”

Another added: “Wow that was beyond close. Why take that risk?”

One said: “Holy s*** that is some bad driving.”

Another wrote: “I bet the driver of the white car was screaming “F****** sat nav.”

The car was metres from hitting the crash barrier head on.

Another posted: “Absolute b******.”

One wrote: “Death wish.”

A recent Freedom of Information request revealed the M25 was most likely motorway for an accident with 7,673 involving 13,046 vehicles from 2006 -2016.

However, only 80 people died on the M25. While the M6 was found to be the deadliest motorway in Britain with a total of 160 deaths.

Essex Police are unable to comment on the clip as the incident has not been reported.