“I thought this is it” clip shows how OAP couple came within metres of horrific accident


SHOCKING video shows how grandparents thought they were going to die after almost being hit by a Hyundai spinning uncontrollably towards them.

Pensioners Raymond and Diana Temple watched helplessly as a small blue car spun towards them after taking the corner too fast.

It was only Raymond’s quick reactions which stopped a serious crash with Diana saying she may need “counselling”.

The near miss was captured on the 75-year-old’s dash cam on Saturday at around 11.30am on Thornhill Road, Caerphilly.

Raymond and 78-year-old Diana were travelling back home from Cardiff.

The video was uploaded by Raymond and Diana’s Son-in-Law Robert Williams to Facebook.

Raymond and Diana can be seen driving along the widening road in their Audi when a blue car appears from bend spiralling out of control.

The blue Hyundai was speeding too fast around the bend

Raymond brakes immediately when the blue car is spotted however the car maintains its speed as heads straight towards them.

Diana can be heard screaming as the blue car shows no sign of stopping after a doing a full 360 degree spin down the hill.

Thankfully, the car careers to the left and comes to a stop in front of a hedge. Diana can be heard saying oh my god. Get going going. Get bloody going.”

Raymond was forced to brake hard as the Hyundai spun towards them

Raymond replied “f****** daft b******” Diana asks“what happened?” Raymond said “coming up there too fast.”

Daughter Teresa Williams commented on husband Robert’s post saying “Awful I could of lost my parents yesterday glad my dad stopped his car when he did.”

Others have mentioned just how lucky the pair were that they avoided a bigger accident.

Karen Mazey said: “Oh my god there very lucky the car didn’t hit them.”

Diana thought it was the end for her and Raymond

Andrew Paul added: “shocking bit of driving though. Five seconds earlier and things would’ve been different. Glad everyone was ok though.”

James Petherick wrote: Glad they are fine though. Isn’t worth thinking about what could of happened if was five seconds later.”

Rochelle said: “Thank god, some drivers need to retake their tests. They don’t realise the weather conditions can cause harm if they’re not cautious. Glad they’re both okay, sending huge hugs for them.”

Diana has today said that she is scared to go back in a car after the near miss.

She said: “I nearly had a fit, I was absolutely screaming. I am now afraid to get in the car. I have never experienced anything like that.

Many people have sent their support to Diana and Raymond

Diana felt that this was the end for her and Raymond.

She added: “I can’t forget what happened. I think I need to go to counselling, it’s breaking me. I thought this is it. I’ll never seen my kids again, that we [Raymond] are going to go together.”

However, Diana felt that she had the Lord on side.

Diana continued: “The Lord must have been with us. If we had gone up any further we would it would have hit us.”

The driver is of the blue car is thought to be alright, and Raymond and Diana are recovering from the ordeal at home with the support of their family.