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“Literally criminal environment sadness” Mum sent 3ft litter grabber wrapped with 50ft length paper

HILARIOUS video shows the “ridiculous” size of parcel and 50ft of paper used by Amazon for a 3ft litter picker.

Billy Crook, 18, filmed his 5.2ft mum Caroline beside the 4.9ft box, which was used to package the “grabber” highlighting the waste created by the company.

Amazon also used paper which was more than 16 times the length of the litter picker itself, to keep the parcel within the box safe for the delivery to Horsham, West Sussex.

It arrived yesterday and the family decided to film the waste to highlight the problem with the £10.99 grabber packaging.

Student Billy uploaded the clip to Facebook yesterday captioned with: “Our latest delivery. Amazon out saving the planet out here.”

The video begins with Billy asking his mum, Caroline, 51, who is standing with the paper, with him asking: “Would you like to explain the situation?”

Caroline says: “I’ve ordered something in the post and Amazon have sent it. In this box.”

It then pans over to the box, which Caroline is holding. Billy can then be heard saying: “This box, which is about 6 to 80 percent of your height.”

Caroline can be seen holding the paper which they estimate to be 50ft long

She replies with. “I don’t know.” Billy then zooms into the box , which is empty and very long and narrow.

Caroline then says: “Here’s the paper.” Billy then films the bit of paper, which he estimates to be about 50 feet from the kitchen to the living room.

Suddenly, someone in the rooms throws a snow shovel at Billy just avoiding him as he is filming the paper.

He says: “It’s all one bit ofpaper that goes round and round just to pack that grabber.”

It then looks at the grabber and his mother says: “Here’s my grabber” before looking at the grabber again before ending the clip.

One social media user described the packaging as “environment sadness”

Speaking today (Tues) Billy said: “It was almost 1.5 metres tall (4ft 9”), and my mum is 1.6 metres (5ft 2”). The paper was over 15 metres (49ft).

“It was able to go through our kitchen, hallway, living room and family room, then back through to the kitchen and then a little further.

“My mum made the order, she paid £10.99 for the grabber.

“We’ve had a few amazon deliveries with excess packaging before (once ordered some size two wet shoes which came in a box large enough for size 12 boots) but this order has been the most ridiculous so far.”

Judi Cox wrote under Billy’s post writing: “Literally criminal. Environment sadness”

Benedict Loveless added: “Ridiculous amount of paper, for one grabber.”

Sue Woodley said: “Ridiculous.”

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