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NewsWoman claims to find "dead thing" in Grandad's tinned tuna

Woman claims to find “dead thing” in Grandad’s tinned tuna

TESCO have apologised to a woman after she claimed to find a “dead thing” in her tin of tuna.

The tuna was purchased by Bianca-Jade Bird’s grandfather at the Witham, Essex Tesco store a couple of weeks ago.

The tin of tuna from ‘Stockwell and Co’ is thought to be an exclusive product to Tesco.

Bianca-Jade, from Witham, posted a photo to Tesco’s Facebook page saying “Hi Tesco, I was just wondering if you could advise me on what this dead thing is in my very in date tin of tuna?

Bianca-jade discovered the ‘dead thing’ amongst the tuna chunks

“Came round to my granddad’s for a nice tuna sarnie to be greeted with this.

“Kind regards Bianca.”

The photo shows a thin black substance resting on top of tuna chunks in brine.

The black object also has two smaller entities sticking out of either side of the object.

Tesco did not reveal what the ‘foreign object’ was in her letter

The thing appears to have slimy texture after resting in brine for sometime.

Ruby Jane Morgan said: “That looks like a slug. It’s got the little antenna things on its head like slugs do.”

Chris Smith added: “[It] looks like the worm guys from ‘Men in Black.’”

Tesco have responded to Bianca-Jade by sending her a letter of apology and a £10 gift card, but described the dead thing as a “foreign object.”

Bianca-jade intended to have a tuna sarnie but was put of by the discovery

In the letter, Tesco said they were “very sorry the tuna had a foreign object in with it and I can understand that this would be both concerning and disappointing for you.”

Bianca-Jade said she was disappointed to not receive an explanation as to what the foreign object was.

She said: “I’m just disappointed that they’ve sent a letter out which is obviously an automated response with a gift card within two days of complaining to them. I don’t think they’ve looked into it at all and I highly doubt they will either.”

The photo left many people guessing what the ‘dead thing’ could have been

However, Tesco have confirmed what the object is thought to have been.

A spokesman from Tesco said: “Our supplier has confirmed that this is likely to be a blood vessel from a tuna fish.

“We have apologised to Bianca and have asked her to return the tin of tuna to her nearest store, so we can investigate further and arrange a refund and gesture of good will for her.”

This comes after a Tesco customer found a foreign object in his tin of beef curry which was described only as “the thing.”

Andrew Lee found the large item in his tinned curry in December later identified as a blood vessel.

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