“You’re at it!” – Scots pals have social media users in stitches with hilarious phone prank


HILARIOUS video shows a pair of pranksters call their mates and hold the phones to each other – leaving the recipients confused.

Lads Danny Cooper and Connaire Connelly used their lunch break to play the trick on fellow co-workers Lee Swinley and Sean Howie, who were elsewhere.

Lee and Sean are completely confused by the call which has been orchestrated by jokers Danny and Connaire.

Danny, from Monifieth, Angus, uploaded the clip to his Twitter account on Tuesday, with the caption: “I’m crying so much.”

The video has been viewed more than 10,000 times with social media users loving the prank.

The clip shows technicians 22-year-old Danny and 24-year-old Connaire sitting in a van in Blairgowrie, Perthshire, as they decide to both call their colleagues who weren’t there.

Danny calls Lee, whilst Connaire decides to ring Sean to kick off the prank.

Colleagues Lee Swinley and Sean Howie were at the but of the joke

In the clip, the two phones can be seen held closely together as the callers answer.

Sean, can be heard saying “hello”, before Lee replies – much to his confusion.

Despite being phoned by Danny, Lee is heard saying “Sean?” to which he gets the response “aye, hello”.

As the two pranksters chuckle away to themselves quietly, Lee then says “I thought this number was Danny’s?”

The pair were talking to each other through Danny and Connaire’s phones

Sean, now confused, replies: “This is, nah, this is, what?” Both men then shout “what?” at each other at the same time – adding to the amusement of Danny and his colleague.

Lee, 20, repeats he “thought this was Danny’s phone number,” before Sean, 35, replies “Nah, mate, who’s phoned me?”

He gets the response “it’s me, it’s Lee”, to which he then says “I thought it was Connaire on the phone?”

Lee, now further confused, says “what?”, before the chuckles get louder from the culprits and the penny drops for Sean who reacts by saying: “you’re at it!”

The prank left both Lee and Sean confused by the call

The clip ends with both phones being moved away from each other and the laughter continuing.

The video received more than 500 likes as one of the victims took to the comments to outline his frustration.

Reacting to the clip, Lee replies to the post “Hahahahahhaha b******s man.”

Connaire commented: “Hahahaha can’t believe you fell for that,” with a couple of laughing emojis.

Danny’s video has since gone viral

Last December, Glasgow prankster Ross Mackie set his pal up by giving his phone number to disgruntled O2 customers who were unhappy about the company’s network crashing.

He told furious customers to contact a number demanding a refund, which left his mate with over 800 texts from random people.