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NewsShocking moment cycling teenager smacks head-first off car windscreen - then dusts...

Shocking moment cycling teenager smacks head-first off car windscreen – then dusts himself off

SHOCKING video shows a teenage cyclist smack head-first off a car windscreen – and then pick himself up apparently none the worse for wear.

The youngster hurtled out of a blind junction and crashed into the bonnet of a moving car.

Daniel Cartwright’s dashcam caught the dramatic incident on Thursday morning in Bramcote, Nottinghamshire.

The 24-year-old from Nottingham posted the video on Facebook later that day saying: “I was involved in a car vs bicycle, as you can see from the attached video, it shows a huge lack of education within young people using bicycles on roads.

“Luckily as far as I’m aware the youth wasn’t injured seriously although he was taken to hospital as precaution (not yet been updated on condition, although I have asked multiple times) this could have been a completely different story if my speed was any higher.”

He added: “Although the youth is okay, I am now still left to pick up the pieces with the financial cost of repairing my car.

“So far the parents seem to be unwilling to cover any costs. So for now I’ll have to foot the bill until I [am] able pursue the matter in small claims court. (Any LEGAL advice welcome on how to recover costs)

“I guess my main reason for posting this video is so parents that I have on Facebook can show their children the types of accidents that can happen when not taking proper care on UK roads.”

The video shows Daniel driving through Bramcote in his Vauxhall Astra when he took a right turn up Peache Way.

The cyclist suddenly appeared from the nearby junction

Daniel slowly approaches a junction in what is a tight country road with another vehicle approaching him further up the road.

Suddenly a cyclist comes flying out of the junction from the left hand side and smashes into Daniel’s car.

The youngster is sprawled across Daniel’s windscreen and bumper as the cyclist hit his car at some speed.

Miraculously the young cyclist gets off the bumper and is standing on two feet clearly confused as to what had just happened.

The dashcam catches the point of impact when the cyclist collides with the car

The scary hit has shocked many commenters who are putting thee blame on the young cyclist.

Chaz Bunyan said: “Holy s***.”

Beatrice Prebble added: “Glad everyone involved was ok, if shaken up. Makes me want a dashcam even more now! Teenagers are so entitled these days they believe they’re even entitled to the roads to themselves too.”

Andrew Englishby said: “He’s asking for an early death sentence.”

The youngster is sprawled across Daniel’s windscreen

David Woodcraft added: “Is this not a police matter Daniel? This lad could have caused serious injury to others if he continues to ride his bike in this dangerous manner.”

Community protection officer Daniel revealed that there will be a sizeable fee to repair the damaged caused to his car.

He said: “My reaction immediate reaction was to check on the rider as he was a young child. [I have a] dented bonnet and bumper, I’m looking at £300-£500 to repair the damage.”

However, Daniel’s first concern was that of the cyclist.

The cyclist was the main culprit for the incident according to social media users

He added: “My immediate reaction was to check on the rider as he was a young child. He said, ‘Sorry no one ever uses this road’ after I said to him did he fancy looking where [he] was going?”

Police have confirmed that the teenage boy did not suffer any serious injuries.

A spokesman for Nottinghamshire Police said: “The incident was reported to us as a collision between a 15-year-old boy on a pushbike and a vehicle in Peache Way, Bramcote, at around 10am on 21 March.

“The boy suffered bruising but did not go to hospital. We have had contact with both parties and recorded the incident.”

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