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NewsHilarious moment terrified safari park visitor gets mugged by "biting" antelope

Hilarious moment terrified safari park visitor gets mugged by “biting” antelope

HILARIOUS footage shows the moment a terrified safari park visitor gets mugged by an enormous antelope.

Robert Popple thought it would be fun to stop and offer the creature a few snacks during their tour of West Midlands Safari Park.

But the 25-year-old got more than he bargained for when the antelope forced its head inside the car, grabbed the entire box of food, and made off.

Robert, from Leeds, then makes a series of hilarious gurning faces as reacts with shock to the robbery.

Robert couldn’t believe what was happening

The support worker visited the park with his girlfriend, Billie-Jayne Poyser, yesterday.

Billie, 21, filmed as they encountered the ravenous and very cheeky Ellipsen Waterbuck.

Robert opens his window and puts his hand out to feed the animal.

Robert can then be heard saying “oh he’s a big lad isn’t he?” as the four-legged creature scoffs the feed from the palm of his hand.

The animal can then be heard making a grunting noise and decides to stick its head inside.

Billie can be heard laughing in the background

Whilst giggling in the background, Billie manages to get a fantastic shot of the beast going for the box, as Robert appears helpless.

Robert eventually manages to push the animal away to which Billie screams “Rob!” and he quickly closes the window.

He then says: “Idiot” as Billie is still in hysterics.

Robert says: “He were biting” before taking a deep breath out in relief.

Billie’s post has received more than 5,000 likes and 1,000 retweets.

There was also multiple comments from Twitter users who loved the video.

Robert says “he were biting” during the clip

Haarisa Akram said: “I don’t want to go to the safari park anymore.”

Whilst tagging friends, Toya Windle said: “Just feel like you’s all need to see this.”

One Twitter user appears to have encountered the same animal.

Hayley Austin Brown said: “I’m sure it’s the same animal.”

With friend Emily Gunning replying: “Hahahaha those f horns, yeah I think it is!”

The video has since gone viral on Twitter

Tagging a friend, Emma Humphreys commented: “This was literally you.”

He said: “I thought it was going to bite me. We’ve actually got a few more videos of us being scared trying to feed the giraffes as well.

“We thought it was a mixture between a cow, antelope and a goat, the goat for the type of noise that it makes.

“All my mates are loving in the group chats.”

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