Monday, August 15, 2022
NewsCops taunt drug dealer who dropped his mobile - which is still...

Cops taunt drug dealer who dropped his mobile – which is still getting texts asking for “rocks”

POLICE have taunted a “butterfingers” drug dealer online after he dropped his unlocked mobile phone while stealing steak from Iceland.

Cops say the crook’s phone keeps getting text messages from people asking for “rocks” – slang for crack cocaine.

Officers in Nottinghamshire joked: “We don’t think he’s in to landscaping.”

The police posted a picture of the phone receiving messages asking for “rocks”

Police using their Facebook page for the Bulwell, Rise Park, and Highbury Vale areas of Nottingham posted a picture of the mobile yesterday (thu).

They wrote: “If you are the owner of this Samsung phone you’ll be pleased to know it’s currently being safely stored at Bulwell Police Station.

“You may not want to collect it as you dropped it whilst running out of Iceland at Bulwell with £100 worth of steak, but it’s here if you want it.

“So if you do pop in we’ll just need a quick word with you about the steak.”

Social media users loved the online taunt

They added: “P.S thanks for not using your security settings, it makes our life so much easier and people keep texting you asking for ROCKS.

“We’ll really need to talk to you about that as well. #butterfingers #runningman #mustusephonelock #wedontthinkhesintolandscaping.”

Alan Cripps responded: “What a huge mis-steak.”

Jord Palmer commented: “Whoever writes these statuses should be promoted to head of social media.”

The police force took to Facebook with their taunt challenging the thief

Andrew J T Payne said: “Give whoever wrote this a pay rise please. I can’t breathe.”

Andrew Underwood remarked: “Whoever is behind the #tags is an absolute legend.”

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