Monday, August 15, 2022
NewsDaughter eggs dad in prank so "risky" she had getaway car ready...

Daughter eggs dad in prank so “risky” she had getaway car ready with engine running

VIDEO shows a woman egging her dad in a prank so risky she had a “getaway” car ready – and has gone into hiding.

Paul Glasheen, dripping with egg, erupts with rage and calls his daughter, Kelly, an “inbred c***” as she runs from the house.

The video of the 34-year-old smashing an egg on her 52-year-old dad’s head has been watched by 2.2 million people since it was posted on Tuesday.

Kelly, from Hemel Hempstead, Herts, uploaded the clip the same afternoon with the caption: “So I’ve egged me dad I’m hiding.”

The hilarious video begins with Paul reading the newspaper before asking Kelly: “You alright babe?”

Kelly replying: “You alright dad?”

She then asks Paul how is his head is who replies with: “Alright my babe.”

Paul removes his hat and Kelly smashes the egg down on his head before darting from the room.

Paul chases after her but gives up quickly and yells for his wife, Lisa, in the next room, to help.

Paul explodes: “You f******g inbred. Lisa! You f******g c**t! It’s f*****g killing me you dirty s**t. Lisa!”

Paul leapt up in fury after his daughter smashed an egg on his “bad head”

While holding his head he shouts: Look what she’s f*****g done. Lisa, Lisa!

“Look what she’s done on me bad head. You f******g inbred c**t. That’s f******g inbred that is.”

Sarah Coveley wrote under Kelly’s post: “Lol I’m p*****g myself laughing that’s brilliant.”

Anna Lovett said: “I love how he’s calling his daughter an inbred c**t. The best.”

Kay Jay posted: “Lucky your dad’s not super fast. Nutter.”

Kirstie Russell added: “Better start planning her funeral lol. She ran so fast lol.”

Paul was calling for his wife Lisa to tell off Kelly

Lesley Stokes said: “That f*****g killed me off crying and laughing .”

Speaking today Kelly said: “It was a challenge to egg my dad. I had my car parked and engine running outside the house.

“My son walked in first and said I was just coming in, so he had chance to film it. I just did it, ran off and got in the car and drove off.

“We always have a giggle and our bond is great and I love him. He will get me back sometime.”

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