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NewsMoment "crash-for-cash" scammer hurls himself in front of car, hitting so hard...

Moment “crash-for-cash” scammer hurls himself in front of car, hitting so hard he dents bonnet

VIDEO shows a “crash-for-cash” scammer deliberately leap on to a passing car, impacting so hard he left dents in the bonnet.

The shocked driver, Ryan Johnson, yells “You f****** silly b******!” at the conman as he rolls about in the road, holding his head.

Ryan was ambushed by the reckless scammer as he drove in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, Wednesday.

The man looks at the car and turns before he is hit

Ryan, 19, uploaded the clip to Facebook with the caption: “This happens on a blind corner. Any info or anyone recognise him would be massively helpful.

“Left with multiple dents in the bonnet.”

He added: “Very clearly he did it on purpose for some quick cash, didn’t turn out well for him.”

The footage shows Ryan, from Scunthorpe, driving safely down the road at the limit of 30 miles per hour.

The man tilts his body to the right to take all of the impact from the crash

Suddenly on his approach from the corner a man can be seen walking off the pavement slowly onto the road.

He then begins to jog, holding a bag in his left hand . He then suddenly stops and jumps with this left shoulder directly onto the car’s windscreen.

The man slowly flips over his landing head first onto the ground and he can be seen rolling in pain.

Ryan said that after the incident, he decided to drive away rather than confront the man. He said: “I have read of the situation where the ‘victim’ got to their feet, reached in, and grabbed the dashcam and ran off.”

He has reported the incident to Humberside Police.

Lisa White wrote under Ryan’s post: “What a d**k-head he could have been really injured. Stupid idiot.”

Cynthia Czerwinskyj added: “It looks like the same guy who walked in front of our car a couple of weeks ago at the traffic lights on station rd near that housing estate.”

Lisa White wrote: “Yeah feel bad for the driver. I would have been terrified. Bloody idiot.”

David Pearson added: “Happened to me. He got charged and fined for jaywalking. I got f*** all for the damage to my car.”

The man’s head smashed into the ground after being hit

A spokeswoman for Humberside Police said: “We have received two conflicting reports in relation to a road traffic collision that involved a pedestrian and a car on Brumby Wood Lane in Scunthorpe on Wednesday 27 March around 2.30pm.

“We are looking into the circumstances surrounding this incident. A pedestrian sustained minor injuries but refused any treatment. The car driver was unhurt.

“If anyone witnessed what happened please contact us quoting log 310 or 311 of 27/03/19.”

According to the Insurance Fraud Bureau, ‘crash for cash’ bids cost the industry £340m every year.

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