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Why Comedy is Necessary

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Comedy comes in all kinds of different forms, all with the common goal of triggering laughter and feelings of happiness. It may have started out very primitively but it has developed into an essential pillar of society, there are events, jobs, movies and many more that all use comedy as their platform to reach the world.

Stress Relief

Laughter is a natural stress reliever, this is undebatable. Since the goal of comedy is to make people laugh, it is clear to say that comedy plays an incredibly important part in allowing people to leave their worries behind for a period of time. Not only this, but it can help people think things more clearly, which is particularly important after having arguments or fights. To be able to laugh is to be able to live a healthy lifestyle, where no matter what happens, there is always something that can pick you up.

Creative Talent

Comedy has become yet another platform to allow individuals to showcase their creative talent. In every profession and activity there are differences in quality and comedy is not immune from this. Levels of success are very commonly determined by the skill of the individual and we are able to see it from some of the most popular comedians. Sometimes we are taught to follow certain paths through education, it is not often that these paths include comedy. So, being able to see success from it gives younger people the opportunity to pursue something they enjoy with good prospects from it.

Address Issues

One of the more popular forms of comedy these days is satire. This is where comedy through exaggeration or ridicule is used in relation to current topics commonly related to politics. Although these potentially important topics are being made fun of, they are still making people aware of certain things or different ways of thinking through a common interest in comedy. There are always things happening around the world that many of us are not aware of, which is why seeing comedians from many different countries spreads awareness of the whole world.There are many more things that comedy helps to contribute to society but the list could be near never-ending. Be sure to check out this infographic from Comedy Carnival who are the answer to questions about stand-up comedy London, it is sure to put a smirk on your face.

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