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Innovative ways businesses are going green in 2019

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It has never been more in the public eye of the importance for businesses to go green.

This can result in making a big impact and is something many larger companies have already started.

These big businesses are in the perfect position to start this process, so big steps have been taken.

Here we cover a number of innovative ways businesses are going green in 2019 to help with making an impact.


Waste products are created from virtually anything that is made.

Many of these products are also damaging to the environment, so it is of great importance that businesses dispose of these, and if possible recycled or even upcycled.

There are a number of large companies that are very much involved in this process such as General Motors.

As you may know, recycling is an alternative to conventional waste disposal.

When you recycle, it allows for the creation of new products by collecting and processing materials that would typically be thrown away.


Packaging and plastic in general is the most talked about topic in when it comes to recycling.

The damage plastic does is clear, which has why packaging companies such as PPS are now offering great sustainable alternatives.

These types of products are a big deal with it comes to sustainability. This type of environmentally friendly packaging involves creating a cycle, in which packaging is cleaned and used on multiple occasions in a loop.

This is not only reducing the negative impact on the environment, but also the businesses overall ecological footprint.

Major companies such as Wal-Mart in the US, have saved millions in fuel through reducing the use of product packaging.


Storage is another process within businesses that can create a vast amount of extra packaging.

A green approach to this that many companies are looking to make use of is flexible intermediate bulk containers, or FIBC.

These are great for storing bulk items of free products that can then be recycled.

These are very sustainable as they do not damage or tear easily. These are then sold on for less money once recycled, so are a brilliant way for businesses to move to a greener approach.


It is always important to support local businesses, and this is something major corporations are now looking to move into.

This is through using local produce such as farmers for example. This is a positive move for the environment, as it will reduce transport footprints.

This is a process many large businesses are now moving, and even Nike created a shoe last year called Considered using only locally sourced materials.

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