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Adorable video shows lambs bouncing on mattress blown by Shetland winds in to their field

ADORABLE video shows a flock of lambs enjoying bouncing on a mattress that was blown by the wind on their farm.

The playful lambs were captured by Lyall Campbell through his window in Mossbank, Shetland yesterday morning.

Lyall, 37, began filming the lambs after his children Alduin, 4 and Kohrad aged two spotted the funny farm animals.

Lyall posted the video on Facebook shortly after saying: “The lambs are having far too much fun on the old mattress outside mine.”

The video has since been viewed over 30,000 times.

The video shows four lambs clambering on to a mattress as they look to their hooves on the uneasy surface.

However, the excitable lambs begin to jump up and down on the mattress much like if they were on a trampoline.

Lyall’s children spotted the lambs bouncing on the mattress

The lambs bounce up on the mattress and kick out their back legs as though they were trying to show off in front of Lyall and his kids.

The fun attracts even more mischievous lambs who much like the others begin to jump up and down on the mattress.

The adorable video has captured the imagination of many people in the comments.

The mattress was blown into the field by a gale

Iona Leask said: “Those lambs are so cute… I want one!”

Frank Coutts added: “This is the best thing I’ve seen all year.”

Stephanie Thompson wrote: “That’s the best video ever.”

Seven lambs ended up joining in on the fun

Moira MacRae said: “This is so freakin cute I’ma just have to share it.”

Lyall today said that it was his children that spotted the bouncing sheep.

Lyall said: “[I] opened the curtains yesterday morning and my kids saw the lambs hopping on the mattress, so I quickly filmed it. It’s right out my sitting room window.

Lyall was amazed at how his video went viral

“I thought it was hilarious the mattress blew there after a gale, and the lambs have been bouncing on it since the crofter put them in the field.”

Lyall said the lambs are a constant source of entertainment for his kids.

He added: “My kids love it, my youngest is autistic so it’s a constant source of amusement. My eldest absolutely loves it.”

Lyall is stunned by how popular the video has become.

He continued: “It’s been kind of crazy, my sister said I should make it public as she knew a few people would share it, but I woke up this morning and it had been seen 30,000 times and shared by 400 I wasn’t expecting that.”

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