Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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Bizarre snap “shows con waiting to have mobile removed from bottom – a day after he was jailed”

A BIZARRE picture claims to show a prisoner in hospital to have a mobile phone removed from his bottom – the day after he was jailed for over four years.

The snap shows a beaming man handcuffed to a prison officer sitting next to a sign for the X-ray department.

The photo, posted on Wednesday by Micky Sharkey, was captioned: “What a boyo! Jailed yesterday for four years eight months, in hospital today, got a phone stuck up his a***!

“He wanted to let people know he’s cush!”

The prisoner allegedly had a phone stuck up his bum

Micky, from Leeds, then added the hastag “Joshua Webbo Webstere”.

On Tuesday, a man called Joshua Webster was jailed for four years and eight months at Leeds Crown Court after burgling a pub in the city, shouting racist chants and spitting at police officers.

The picture shows a man strongly resembling Webster’s police mugshot, wearing a grey tracksuit, sitting on a chair whilst a sign pointing towards the “Emergency X-Ray Department” is seen above him.

A prison officer is also pictured sitting beside the grey tracksuited man with someone editing the picture so that they have a pig emoji covering their face.

Micky took to Facebook to share his encounter

Emma Louise responded: “That will explain the smile on his face.”

Jody Cann commented: “Did he have it on vibrate, lol.”

Lorna Clapham said: “What a div.”

Karen Whalley commented: “No way can’t even believe this.”

Kirsty Allen said: “He will have some more time stuck up his a*** as well after this ahahaha.”

Stacy Johnson commented: “This made me laugh, he looks so made up haha.”

Facebook users thought the incident was hilarious

Speaking today, Micky Sharkey confirmed he took the picture after bumping into Josh at the hospital where he was waiting for a check-up.

He said: “I saw him in A&E, they were talking about having to do surgery to remove the phone, but were still awaiting other tests and to see if it would come naturally.

“I’ve known Josh from around house parties etc within Leeds and knew of his name.

“He told me to take the picture put it on Facebook and let everyone know he’s ok and which friends to send it too.”

Micky described Josh saying: “What a boyo!”

He also described how he was unaware of how the issue was resolved.

Micky added: “I’m not sure what was the full outcome of what happened once I left, but I’m sure it’ll leave people hanging.”

A Prison Service spokeswoman said: “We do not comment on individuals.”

Last year, it was revealed that 15,000 phones were smuggled into English and Welsh prisons in 2017.

Also in 2017, a £2 million investment was made so every prison could be fitted with mobile phone detectors to step up the detection of illegal phones.

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