Moment schoolboy narrowly avoids being hit by taxi as he runs into road on a blind corner


A CABBIE has released dashcam video of a schoolboy narrowly avoiding getting hit when he runs into the road – on a blind bend.

The youngster steps in to the road, running at high speed, just as the taxi turns the corner.

Thankfully, the child and cabbie both have quick reactions and manage to swerve out of each other’s way.

The child can be seen catapulting round the corner unaware of what was round the bend.

The taxi driver, who wants to remain anonymous, was transporting passengers in Inverkeithing, Fife at around 5pm on Wednesday afternoon.

The cabbie, from Lochgelly, Fife, posted the video to social media with the caption: “Nearly s*** myself!”

In the video the taxi driver slows down as he navigates the blind corner only for a school kid pop out on to the road.

The taxi driver is forced to take evasive action as the school kid attempts to run across the road.

The kid quickly realised he had made a mistake.

The boy realises the impending danger and jumps back on to the pavement.

Graham King in the comments said: “Well done driver, good job you were slowing for that bend.”

Carl Wilkson Norman added: “Children are for life, not just benefits.”

The taxi driver, 40, today said had he been driving faster the outcome would have been very different.

The taxi driver said: “I was glad I was going slow enough to take action.

“My passengers saw it and were shocked too. Had I been going a bit faster or taken my eye off for a second, it could have been very different. You have no way of seeing what’s around the corner.”

He added: “I was trying to maintain control of the car, but the kid didn’t seem overly worried or concerned how close he could have been to being hit.”