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Gadgets 101: Welcome to the Home of a Techie Householder

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Do you follow the latest technology trends? There are so many amazing new household keeping gadgets coming out it is hard to follow up. I have gathered some of the coolest new toys in the review. If you want more, you should check out TopRatedGuider, a great source for reviews on all the amazing tools for home. If you are a technology whiz kid you will love this blog.

Electronic Stud Finder

The regular stud finder every builder is used to is a pretty simple magnetic tool. They are used to find studs in the walls in order to simplify the construction and house maintenance works. Regular people are not used to having them in their households yet. But now you also have small portable electronic stud finders with their numerous benefits:

  • They are very sensitive thus really precise.
  • They do not only identify studs but can also find the tiniest metallic objects.
  • Some have added technologies to tell you the dimensions of the stud.
  • Some models have an added LED light to give you a better view of the found objects.

Although being so good there are also some things to consider. First of all, they might not be as good on the bumpy and uneven surfaces. And secondly, these professional tools can be really expensive, depending on the brand and the model of course.

Portable Mini Butane Torch

These small units are really affordable and yet very versatile and irreplaceable in the household. If you do not have a mini butane torch yet you should definitely get one as they can be used for:

  • Soldering
  • Plumbing
  • Jewelry fixing
  • Brazing
  • Cooking
  • Welding

The modern ones can give you up to 40 mins of uninterrupted fire. You will also get an instant ignition without waste of fuel. A safe locking mechanism is a guarantee that the device will be safe even if your kids get their hands on it. A lock button option designed for hands-free operation. Some of the torches also come with additional perks like a cookbook for example.

Domestic Weather Stations

These can be irreplaceable for the people living in earthquake-prone territories or by the oceanfront. In case you are worried that mother nature can be a bit too unpredictable in your area you should have a weather station of your own.

  • It can monitor all the slightest atmosphere changes in the area.
  • Have predictions about the weather.
  • Some can also predict hurricanes and earthquakes.

A personal weather station might be an amazing solution that will save lives.

Air Tracker

Get yourself a smart device that can monitor the quality of air inside your home telling you about the slightest changes or warning you when the level of oxygen is too low or the humidity is too high.

These are irreplaceable for:

  • people with breathing issues
  • people with dust allergies
  • kids
  • people who have domestic animals

You definitely need one if you live or work in the big city with a lot of traffic around you. The devices are fairly affordable and will send notifications to your phone app.

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