Line of Duty star Compston shows off his Tennent’s tap – at his Las Vegas home


LINE of Duty star Martin Compston has installed a Tennent’s tap at his Las Vegas home.

The Scots star posted a picture of the beer pump on Twitter with the caption: “Got my @TennentsLager tap hooked up in house bar ya wee beauty!

“Chuffed to bits with it especially the sleeve design, big cheers to the T team.”

Greenock-born Compston also posted a photo of the Tennent’s tap on his Instagram story with the caption ‘hoose measures.’

The Scots actor was chuffed with his installation

Compston had made an appearance on ‘This Morning’ last month promoting the latest series of Line of Duty when he revealed his plans for his Tennent’s bar to Phil and Holly on the programme.

Compston said: “I’m building my bar! The lovely people at Tennent’s are building me a tap, so I’ll have my own tap for my bar. Yeah, you’ve got to have those wee home comforts you know.”

The photo shows Compston posing next to his Tennent’s tap which has been personalised to have a Las Vegas design on the front saying ‘welcome to Las Vegas.’

The tap has a large T at the top and has ‘a taste of home’ written at the bottom.

Compston took to his social media profiles to share his new tap

The Tennent’s tap also has the title of films and TV shows that Compston has starred in printed on the side of the beer pull with such as Line of Duty, Red Road and Doomsday clearly visible.

Compston is sporting a huge grin on his face while he holds a pint of lager in his hand.

The photo has sparked a huge reaction amongst fans many of whom are expressing their love for Compston’s tap.

From Twitter Tony_know said: “The sign that you really have made it… a personalised beer tap.”

Impressively, the star’s shows are written on the tap’s exterior

Rhonda_L_14 added: “Only true Scots can appreciate the beauty of Tennent’s!”

On Instagram dad_for_it said: “May as well retire now as you’ve just completed life!”

Robski1994 wrote: “Genuinely so jealous.”

However, some have been extremely critical in Compston’s choice beverage.

Social media users reacted in jest to the picture

On Twitter Cretebhoy said: “Nooooooooooooo…. I thought you’d be more of a Guinness man.”

SaorAlba7 added: “Better with Innis and Gunn, far superior beer. @innisandgunn.”

Jpcoogan81 wrote: “P*** on tap”

Sopranokate said: “Martin! No! Cooking lager. #boke.”