Moment “Wolves fan” attacks young Watford supporters as the leave Wembley


SHOCKING video shows a “Wolves fan” deliberately attack two child supporters of rivals Watford following Sunday’s FA cup clash.

The man, who is wearing a Wolves top, pushes the first youngster in the throat and then punches the second in the face.

The attacker is then surrounded by furious Watford supporters who pull him to the ground where he is punched and kicked before being rescued.

The video was captured by lorry driver Lee Kennedy who had spotted the Wolves fan acting suspiciously, and looking for trouble.

The incident happened after the FA Cup semi-final clash between Wolverhampton Wanderers and Watford which saw the Midlands robbed in the last few minutes of what seemed a certain place in the final.

The video was uploaded to the ‘Football Away Days’ page yesterday saying “shocking and unprovoked attack by this Wolves fan on Watford fans yesterday.”

The clip shows a lone Wolves fan making his way through the crowd as Lee, 38, and his friends can be heard saying “he’s waiting isn’t her”, “standing for the right people to come look.”

The Wolves fan identifies his targets and starts walking towards them before suddenly pushing a young Watford fan in the throat and then punching another in the face.

The Wolves fan appeared to target the kids

Lee and his friends can be heard saying “oh went for f****** kids! Just swung at kids! f****** little d***head”, “agh he’s getting leathered.”

The Wolves fan begins lashing out at any Watford fan nearby and hits a fan in a green Watford shirt.

However, the Wolves supporter is soon outnumbered by the provoked Watford fans and he is then pounced upon by many as he falls to the ground.

The Wolves fan started punching at everyone he could see

The Wolves fan is getting kicked and punched by a number of fans as Lee and his friends say “he swung at f****** 15-year-olds, he deserves it, he f****** deserves it, he brought it on himself”, “what an absolute nutter”, “what are you doing?”

The Wolves fan is then pulled away from the grappling Watford supporters by other as Lee and his friends say “an absolute plonker”, “he went for that little kid over there didn’t he”, “that was the first thing he did was push the kid.”

The Wolves fan is then ushered away from the melee from another supporter trying to calm him down.

Watford fans then start kicking him whilst on the ground

The video has warranted many commenters to mock the Wolves fan.

Glenn Owen said: “If wolves attacked as much as him they might be in the cup final.”

Martin Reville added: “The big lad in the green had him in his pocket.”

Kenneth Perse wrote: “To be fair he wasn’t the only Wolves fan to give it loads yesterday and then get knocked out.”

Others found the incident disgraceful.

The Wolves fan did battle with one particular Watford supporter

Rhys Lampitt said: “Wolves fan, this person needs finding and banned, we lost yes it’s hard to take and I’m still gutted now, but there still is no need for this b**! This ain’t about the Wolves fans it’s about the idiots who can’t handle their drink.”

Nathan James Coyle added: “What an absolute f* cretin and I’m glad he got his head kicked in – I’m a Wolves fan and from some of the stories I’m hearing I’m pretty ashamed to be honest, I’ve never seen this behaviour at the Molineux (most of these ‘fans’ have probably never been.)”

Danny Cross wrote: “Not a “wolves fan”… he’s a disgrace and doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in the same breathe as our club, find him, jail him and f*** off the key.”

Lee from Grimsby today said that he didn’t know why he started attacking the kids.

Lee said: “No idea. Would have to guess too much booze and disappointed with the result of the game.

“We could see he was looking for trouble as he had already tried winding some other fans up which is why I started filming. I wasn’t really shocked as you see this sort of thing all the time.

“I was with a Wolves supporting friend. I think he went for the young lads as they were an easy target.”