Science Technician wins STEM funding

James Munro’s staff photo from Edinburgh Napier University

AN EDINBURGH science technician has won a UK-wide online competition where school students vote for their favourite scientist.

James Munro, a psychology technician at Edinburgh Napier University, defeated five other competitors in the ‘Relationships’ subjects area of the ‘I’m a Scientist – Get me out of here’ competition.

The competition saw school students challenge the scientists over fast-paced online text-based live chat and then voted for the scientist who they felt answered their questions the best.

James answered nearly 75 forum questions and 500 live chat questions during the competition, with 12-17 year-old pupils from up to schools taking part in his subject’s competition.

The topics of the questions varied, from questions about him personally to questions about science.

He said: “I loved every part of this competition and I would do it as a full-time job if possible.

“The best part of my current job is being approachable as a source of information and assistance by staff and students, so I guess my wish has been granted in a way.

“I’m sad it is over – if I could design classes at University to work in the same way, I would.”

Scientists were voted off day-by-day with James coming out the overall winner of his subject, his prize was £500 to put towards STEM education outreach.

James added: “With the prize money in mind, I’m currently approaching organisations that make science accessible and entertaining to adults all around Edinburgh with the hope that they might be persuaded to put on some school-pupil focused events.”

Applications to take part in the next round, or more information about the event can be found at