Bad day at office as man jumps from Range Rover to stop runaway trailer and realises car’s reversing


HILARIOUS video shows a gas engineer having a bad day at the office when his trailer and then his Range Rover start rolling off.

Jim Thawley’s trailer starts moving shortly after he drives away and he is forced to jump out to stop it.

He then realises that his Range Rover has started moving towards the trailer and is forced to jump back in to the car to stop a collision.

The 47-year-old, from Bletchingley, Surrey, posted the clip with the caption: “This video is me caught on CCTV trying to move a trailer, leaving the hand brake off, and then leaving the Range Rover in reverse.

Jim’s day didn’t start off well when he had to stop his trailer from rolling backwards.

“A bad day.”

The video starts with Jim driving away from the unhitched trailer. It is stationary for a while but then starts creeping forward, gaining speed as it goes.

Jim stops his Range Rover and puts it in reverse when he suddenly spots the trailer.

He leaps out of his vehicle with the car door still open and runs across to the trailer to put the handbrake on.

However, as Jim turns around he suddenly spots his Range Rover reversing and on a collision course with his trailer.

He realised his mistake when the Range Rover began to reverse just to add insult to injury.

Jim once again pounces into action and dives into his range rover and just stops it from hitting the trailer.

One viewer commented: “Definitely time to give up on the day and go home.”

A second commenter added: “You’d make a good bank robber. How you dived into that Range Rover.”

A third wrote: “Fantastic, thanks for sharing, made me smile as I thought I was the only one having a bad day. Again, thanks for brightening up my bad day!”

The 47-year-old’s quick reaction saved both the trailer and the car.

Jim said today: “It’s never happened before – I’m normally quite careful. I was having a bad day, I’m normally on the ball but this day was not my best. I was shocked at first but then just laughed at the situation.”

“I was a bit of an idiot, but as long as it gives some people a laugh then all’s good.”