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NewsWoman calls in police after racist troll on dating website tells her:...

Woman calls in police after racist troll on dating website tells her: “I stick to my own race”

A WOMAN has called in police after a racist troll on a dating website told her: “I stick to my own race.”

Sophia Anwar was sent two hateful messages through the ‘Plenty of Fish’ website.

The 33-year-old bank worker from Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire, decided to share the offensive messages on social media.

The posts generated so much outrage that she has decided to report the matter to Police Scotland.

Sophie was sent the following messages on Plenty of Fish

She posted online: “For those who think these things no longer happen!”

The pictures posted on Monday, show unprompted messages from a 35-year-old Glasgow man, “GunsRunDevil”.

In his first message to Sophia, he said: “Sorry I don’t like non whites. Lol.”

He then goes on to say: “I stick to my own race thanks very much”

The man named himself as “GunsRunDevil”

Sophia responded: “1) I didn’t make any contact with you.

“2) With a face like that you really shouldn’t narrow your choices as you’ll be lucky if anyone fancies you.

“3) You’re opinions are outdated and primitive. Tbf, I wouldn’t expect anything else from a neanderthal like you.”

GunsRunDevil appears in his profile picture to be wearing a black, work uniform with an indecipherable logo on the chest.

Sophia added: “4) Good going in having pics in your uniform up on here. I’ve shared your comments and pics on social media. It won’t be long till your employer sees it!”

Sophia got her own back by going public with what happened to her

Alan Goldie said: “Not only a racist, but he’s about as attractive as a syphilitic boil on the a*** of a tapeworm up a rat’s hole.”

Fraser Young said: “You can only hope the string snaps in lift he appears to live in.”

Carolyn Crawford said: “You can only hope his next kiss is a glesga one!! T**t!”

Craig MacKenzie Corbett commented: “See, I know many folk hate the word, but this precisely is what the word c*** was invented for, for being directed at utter c**** like this!”

Stacy Sinclair said: “Somebody should tell the d***head white women won’t want him either with a s*** attitude like that.”

Corrina Lacey said: “F*** ugly personality to match a f*** ugly face.”

Speaking today, Sophia said she was “shocked” and “disgusted” with the way she had been treated.

She said: “I didn’t know what was happening and had to read it a few times. Then I cried.

“I’m disgusted, but with the current state of affairs it feels like it’s going to happen more often.

“Which is why I felt it was important to report it to the police.”

The 33-year-old said the messages made her cry

Sophia also described the reaction on social media as “empowering.”

She said: “Everyone was so supportive with comments, messages, WhatsApps. So I decided to make [the post] public.

“More to raise awareness that this kind of abuse still happens. And it’s unacceptable and we won’t stand for it.”

Police Scotland say they are not investigating the matter any further.

A spokeswoman said: “Police can confirm that a member of the public reported comments made online. The woman intimated that she was not making a complaint.

“Appropriate advice was given and there is no ongoing investigation.”

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