Nurse posts heartbreaking hospital selfie warning women not to ignore cervical cancer checks


A NURSE has posted a heartbreaking hospital selfie warning women not to neglect check-ups for cervical cancer.

Jessica Milburn says she blames herself for the disease “robbing” her husband of the chance to have more children with her.

The 27-year-old admits she “put off” reminders to get herself checked, potentially missing an opportunity to spot the disease earlier.

The mum-of-one, from Carlisle, Cumbria, has had extensive surgery and now faces a wait to find out if the cervical cancer has spread to other parts of her body.

Jessica, whose son, Sam, is two, has shared her story in an attempt to encourage more women to get tested for cervical cancer.

In a lengthy post she outlined the consequences of what the “cruel disease.”

She said: “ After finding out I had cervical cancer my world crumbled. I had never been more scared in my whole life. All I could think about was leaving my beautiful son without a Mummy.

“Today I have taken the first step towards hopefully beating the cruel disease. Sadly it came at a price.

“To remove the tumor I have had to have a radical hysterectomy. This has taken away my chance to be a mother again, which I so desperately wanted.

“It has affected my husband, he is the most amazing father and like myself dreamed of future children. It has robbed him of that chance.

“My guilt is overwhelming even though I know it’s silly.”

She added: “I’m still not out of the woods as everything has been sent for more biopsies to see if its spread. I’ve been through hell today and it’s still not over.”

She also took the chance to make sure others would ensure the got checked

She added: “Did you know that cervical cancer is preventable if you have regular smears?

“They can remove any abnormal cells before they have a chance to progress to cancer cells.

“Ladies we need to get over our embarrassment and save our own lives! It’s not something you should put off or delay.

“Five minutes of slight embarrassment for the rest of your life is a good deal!

“I’m sorry if my post posts are depressing and upsetting but I’m so determined to spread awareness. Something positive has to come from this!”

Jessica also took a photo from her hospital bed in Carlisle shortly after going through the procedure.

Mary Ivison responded: “Aww Jess you’re amazingly brave sending love and hugs your way doll, keep fighting chick.

Charlotte Smith said: “Keeping everything crossed for you Jess! Amazing how positive and brave you’re being!”

Margaret Stewardson commented: “Thinking of you stay strong.”

Libs A Elliott said: “Mine’s booked in for next week. Stay strong.”

Jessica said today: “I got invited for my first smear at 25, but I was pregnant so unable to go for it.

“After giving birth I kept putting it off. I’m not even sure why. I think it was a mix of embarrassment and fear.

“I told my friends I had missed my smear and they pressured me until I booked to have one

“Stuart has been amazing. He has truly been someone I can rely on.

He was devastated when we found out. We both thought I would die and our hearts broke for Sam.

“I felt guilty because it’s my body. The cancer has changed our dreams for a bigger family. It still could leave my husband a widow and my son without a mother.

“My family don’t deserve to go through this. They are amazing.”